Drugs and Guns, “$$$ & power”

“$$$ & power” – the name of the game.

Food companies put dies and other chemicals that are mildly addictive in our food.

These big food companies contribute to both political parties.

Thus the issue is ignored despite independent studies and populous’ clamor.

Such additives cause attention deficit and other behavioral problems particularly in children.

Studies funded by the same companies as “self-regulating” say problems are “inconclusive.”

Therefore the issue is dismissed and some children are labeled “allergic.”

Most parents are unaware of things like Red Dye # 40 causing attention deficits and dysfunctions.

Therefore far too many children get diagnosed as ADD or ADHD, etc.

Parents and doctors don’t know enough to consider eliminating the additives from their diet.

Doctors prescribe drugs for most of these kids to “solve the problem.”

Some of those children have side effects from the insidious drugs.

Some of them hide their side effects because they feel crazy and drugged up enough.

A few of those kids develop sever mental and social disorders.

Of those, a few carry out bizarre behavior to include suicide.

A small % of these adolescents (and adults) are capable and willing to create havoc on society.

When those are combined with irresponsible gun ownership, dreadful scenes like Sandy Hook occur.

Politicians use the opportunity to disarm the people, giving themselves ultimately unchecked power.

No one addresses the real problem above.

This post goes nowhere.

Our nation dies.

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Wayne Petitto

Owner & Operator of 3 businesses, Mechanical Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Musician, 4th degree Black Belt. USAF Col. Retired: Navigation (C-141, AC-130, C-123, C-130), Operations, TALCE Commander Deployed to Thailand, KKMC, Port-au-Prince, Mogadishu, Sarajevo, & Croatia.

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  1. “THIS POST GOES NO WHERE” Wayne think you nailed it with this!! We, do indeed, sit on our hands & talk these things do death & then wonder why years later things are the same…..thanks for calling it like it is.

    1. Thanks Jan,
      Can’t loose with a statement like that.
      You’re either exactly correct, which is no consolation.
      Or you are ironically wrong as in the Gettysburg Address,
      “the world will little note…”
      I’d love to be wrong.

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