Don’t Be Conservative

Don’t be Conservative or Liberal or Democrat or Republican or Progressive or radical or stoic or any adjective that leads you in a political direction.  Be informed, knowledgeable, honest, historical, accurate, proportional, logical, consistent, persistent, courageous, and outspoken.  If you do that, you will lead others in the correct direction.  You will be attacked by all the above “political ilks” but you will not be alone.  You will be part of the most remarkable solution in mankind’s history to date.

Of course you’ll be labeled a Conservative, likely a “Right Wing Radical.”  But “Conservative” is just a relative term.  It means you are to the right of the perceived middle.  You are not conservative, you are simply correct.    For the past 100+ years the bell curve of government has been nudged so far to the left that anyone expressing common sense appears radically conservative.

If you look at the history of mankind from his first gathering into tribes through modern government, you’ll notice an undeniable general trend.  As man has evolved to be more mature, refined, and knowledgeable his government has evolved to supply greater freedom and individuality.  From the supreme power of Chieftains and Monarchies to the Oligarchies of Councils and Ministries, to the Republics of Parliaments and Congress.  Each time the people’s voice received more power and their governments were more successful.

However each time those governments eventually failed.  They failed because the masses lost the responsibility that their freedom implied.  Failures were met with those desired the security of a more powerful central government.  However some fragment always split off to begin a new experiment that addressed the real problem of greater freedom; “personal responsibility.”

Similarly today, we struggle to regain the responsibility bestowed upon us with the freedoms that our Republic intended.  This time we’ve realized our failure came not from the form of government.  Our failure came from a complacent people who allowed ambitious men to ease the reigns of that government from our hands into their own.

Whether our Republic fails or not depends upon how swiftly we can become responsible enough to displace power greedy politicians with earnest representation.  It depends upon how well we utilize the reigns we still hold to extract control of own nation.  It depends upon insistence that the people be responsible for themselves.  It depends upon correcting the misinformation that has been fed to the masses through the “mass media.”  It depends upon the masses becoming disillusioned about the very media they have been lulled to trust.

It cannot be done without pain, but it must be done with with responsibility, integrity, and perseverance.  Only the responsible can breed the responsibility necessary to rule ourselves.  Only the honest can restore the integrity of trusted representatives.  Only by perseverance can we withstand the resistance of politicians to relinquish our power.

We are not conservatives; we are correct and steadfast in the face of extreme liberalism.  If you are labeled Conservative, fine, wear that badge with honor.

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Wayne Petitto

Owner & Operator of 3 businesses, Mechanical Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Musician, 4th degree Black Belt. USAF Col. Retired: Navigation (C-141, AC-130, C-123, C-130), Operations, TALCE Commander Deployed to Thailand, KKMC, Port-au-Prince, Mogadishu, Sarajevo, & Croatia.

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One Comment

  1. “However each time those governments eventually failed. They failed because the masses lost the responsibility that their freedom implied. Failures were met with those desired the security of a more powerful central government.” (Petitto)

    They failed because “conservatives” lost their identity, just as this article is proposing. They failed because, like Governor Christie, they listened and believed people like Al Gore, and took dramatic action to END new coal production in New Jersey. They failed because they allowed liberals (who detest individual freedom) to change their ideology, their values, their beliefs, and drank from the same cup of destruction.

    If there was ever a time in U.S. history to stand up and declare oneself to be a “Conservative,” now is that time. In politics, labels matter. In voting, labels matter. In deciding between liberal-collectivism, or conservative-individual freedom, labels matter.

    “Each time the people’s voice received more power and their governments were more successful.” (Petitto)
    Governments do not grant freedom, nor do governments grant liberty, or rights. Those rights are inalienable, from our creator, that every man was born free outside the shackles of government. The reason past states have failed is government could not keep all of its promises. Look at Greece. Their government “listened” to the socialist majority, granted them full pensions and huge salaries, granted them every welfare program under the Sun, and now the people are turning against the same government over its austerity measures (and not a single person in the media is sounding the alarm bells that this will be America’s fate if we continue down the ill-gotten path of progressivism, socialism, liberalism… AKA Democrat.) And who cares about “successful government” if the people are burdened by high taxes, regulation after regulation, and laws that bind your hands just as effectively as handcuffs? The success of a nation is determined by the individual freedom and self-determination of its people (something America once stood for).

    “We are not conservatives” (Petitto)
    By any other name, we are conservatives. And we had best damn make that clear in 2012.

  2. Thanks Max,
    For expounding on the details of the failures in government that always grows out of bounds. Your points are all very true. Each point you make illustrates how the people lost their identity, believed and trusted without verifying, and were not vigilant over selfish politicians (both liberal and those who call themselves conservative but are not).
    I hope you weren’t reading into my short piece more than I meant to say. Perhaps I chose the wrong words by saying that governments for & by the people were more successful. You are correct. The government is not the root of success, a government that stays out of the way of success enables a more successful nation.
    Please realize that my title and my very subtle point is not a slight against being Conservative. You’ll not find many more conservative than I. My point was simply that I do not chose “conservatism” and follow that. I follow everything I can possibly know that is correct for all the right reasons and that turns out to be very conservative.
    I am proudly a conservative. However I don’t chose to be conservative, I chose to be correct and that happens to be what is commonly know as conservative.

    1. wfp, That was very kind. While I agree that it’s principles over labels (as you correctly pointed out… principles will guide you to the label, not the other way around), I have trouble with liberals who tout the same ideals you mentioned of being “informed, knowledgeable, honest, historical, accurate, proportional, logical, consistent, persistent, courageous, and outspoken,” yet their conclusions are more socialism, more progressivism, more anti-conservatism. Admittedly, it is hard for me to fathom, since I am not a liberal, to believe that similar ideals lead to opposite ideologies.

      What accounts for the difference? I suppose that is the 64K dollar question.

  3. Wayne, I respectfully disagree with you on this. I do so not to be contentious, but to make a point that you have ignored.

    It’s been said that one can get the gist of an article by reading BOTH the opening and closing lines. That is so, because with an opening statement, a thinking person seeks to nail down rather definitively what the piece is all about. With the closing they seek to pound home a conclusion. So it was here. Respecting the basic wisdom of this I follow just that protocol as a matter of habit. I then read the entire article and CONTRADICTIONS become very obvious. So it is here with you and this article, in MY opinion. Here are those opening and closing lines:
    “Don’t be Conservative or Liberal or Democrat or Republican or Progressive or radical or stoic or any adjective that leads you in a political direction.” and
    “If you are labeled Conservative, fine, wear that badge with honor.”

    I think upon re-evaluation my point becomes obvious.

    We live in a society, albeit a larger world, wherein decisions that effect us and nations are viewed in a “political” perspective. Like it or not that is fact. Could you possibly imagine the media functioning today without being able to reference something….anything, as a political slant, belief or ideology? I can’t! You see Wayne we are trapped in an environment which we are powerless to instantaneously change, so we make the best of it. You know that and it’s why you contradicted yourself at the end by asserting that if you are indeed labelled a Conservative (which you also capitalized indicating a certain pride in being such) you should wear that label with honor.

    I would simply opine that a more constructive topic here, as an option, would have been to focus upon those references we must deal with BECAUSE of our environment about us to ask the question…
    Are you a Conservative, a Social Conservative or a Fiscal Conservative?

    I would have been straining at the bit to get my opinion out on that and show why we conservatives have allowed the liberal media to set up the rules of the game. I won’t embellish on that as I’m not seeking to hijack your topic here, only to make the point for what I see as an obvious contradiction.

    My main goal in posting ANYWHERE online is to try to make some kind of positive case against those I call the demonRATs and their leader Obama. Remember…”It’s the Economy Stupid” as an accurate past prediction of how the voting will go. The Liberals, the Left have brought us to this point of teetering on the brink of disaster and STILL will not commit to ANY SUBSTANTIAL curb on spending and STILL want to extend THEIR CREDIT LINE, the debt limit. The public…the “silent majority” see that, so use that FACTUAL REALITY to convert others. USE the political labels of the media to a positive end, making the case for the rightness of a conservative philosophy. My dedication is to influence the hearts and minds…, of those who now may be disenchanted and doubting demonRATs and those who are undecided. STOP AND THINK! many of us who define ourselves as conservatives once were proud democrats. With age and the wisdom of life’s experiences and lessons we RE-DEFINED ourselves and moved to the right. Why not profit by that experience and use it? It is those votes that will make the all-important difference come NOvember 2012. Be proud of your political belief. The lamestream media and even the cable media and more right-leaning outlets would take the myopic view that the race for the Office of the President is the big issue and, quite predictably, they focus our attention on just that.

    We live in a constituional republic folks and until WE allow that to change control of BOTH houses of congress is what we need to focus on. Linking senators and congresspersons directly to supporting Obama’s destructive policies. Though not stated this way the voting punlic understands ‘guilt by enabling association’. If the RATs lose control of BOTH HOUSES of congress it matters not if The One is re-elected. It actually would be sweet justice to see his gigantic ego swingin’ in the impotent political winds for FOUR FULL YEARS. A veto-proof majority would be icing on the CONSERVATIVE cake!

    1. Thanks Doc,
      Your points are well taken.
      The title was intended to catch the eye and admittedly went a bit far. My only intended point was that the cart we draw is certainly conservative but the horse is actually correctness. I.e. “knowledge is power” and being conservative is a collective description of that power.
      I thoroughly accept your respectful criticism,

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