President Obama Did Bin Laden a Huge Favor

Did President Obama do Bin Ladin a favor?

Let’s use some “critical thinking” by asking ourselves some obviously pointed questions.

Usama was a very sick man who we’ve expected to die of natural causes for quite some time.  It is likely he would have died soon anyway, but we just did him a small favor?

Rather than let Usama die of natural causes, we made him a martyr as he would have wanted to be.  Wouldn’t it have been just as easy to knock him out and bring him in alive to face us all in shame?  It just isn’t American to kill even the vilest man unnecessarily.

The all too garbled word is that he did not have a gun and he did not use a woman as a human shield.  How hard would it have been to render a sickly old unarmed man unconscious?  Is removing an unconscious man more difficult than a bloody dead one?

In no less than three books by former Islamic terrorists who later became Christian spilling all, at their own continuous peril, each one tells how they were brought up to believe, were trained to believe, and wholeheartedly did believed that dying by the hands of the enemy of Islam is the greatest honor.  It is the only way to be assured Allah’s greatest reward immediately regardless of anything they did in the past!  That is all too consistent with the honorable Islamic burial at sea for my comfort.  You see, if the body of a Muslim remains unburied it is no longer acceptable to Allah.

If the President had to kill him, it might have been appropriate to drop the body on the front lawn of Pakistan’s President Zardari with a note saying here’s what we found in your back yard, you decide what to do with it?  That way the chips fall where they should.  If the Pakistanis gave him an honorable Islamic burial it would implicate their conspiracy.  If not, Usama would have died in shame and not been considered acceptable to Allah.  Either way, it would not have been the US honoring an infidel or making him a martyr with an “honorable Muslim burial.”  Was the burial of thousands of US citizens under the rubble of the WTC honorable?

We killed a Muslim.  Why didn’t we see thousands of Muslims protesting in the streets of every city in the Middle East as well as Europe and NYC?  Because Muslims intrinsically know we did Usama a big favor.  Ask them.  When you look at the killing of Usama Bin Ladin from the Muslim point of view (radical or not) it is obvious that our President did a good thing for UBL

Prior to the killing of UBL, any strikes on Muslims or news that is degrading to Muslim causes (even radical ones) have been announced by the smiling VP Joe Biden or Secretary of State Hilary Clinton or anyone but President Obama.  However the President was quick and proud to take credit for the Killing of UBL, because he knows what it looks like from the Islamic point of view.

Where is the Islamic outrage?  Why should there be?  We fulfilled Usama’s dreams and destiny.  Then we insured Allah accepted him.  We made him a martyr and gave him an honorable Muslim burial at sea.  He would have been allot worse off dying slowly in bed, and denied the highest honor of “being killed by the enemy of Allah.”

Shouldn’t a true earnest non-radical Muslim have considered Usama Bin Laden an infidel for killing innocent people?  Christians might think of the US as being righteous even to our enemy but Islam will think of it as a sure sign of weakness, ‘we fear them to the point that we did not offend even their worst terrorist.”  President Obama knows he’s the big hero in their eyes as well as in ours, all the while sending a clear message to his Muslim friends.  He’s playing to both sides, except our side doesn’t understand it.

Why hasn’t everyone noticed this?  Is it because you haven’t informed them?

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Wayne Petitto

Owner & Operator of 3 businesses, Mechanical Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Musician, 4th degree Black Belt. USAF Col. Retired: Navigation (C-141, AC-130, C-123, C-130), Operations, TALCE Commander Deployed to Thailand, KKMC, Port-au-Prince, Mogadishu, Sarajevo, & Croatia.

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One Comment

  1. I do not believe that obama gave the ok to kill Osama; he’d been dead for quite some time according to Benazir Bhutto, who stated that he died long time ago. The interview took place in 2007.

    Also, the Pentagon has no records of OBL being killed. Shortly after obama took his victory lap; 23 Seals of Team 6 were killed, all being cramped into one chopper. That is not SOP.

    Having msulkim brotherhood working in the admin, how convenient for the taliban to know where, when and how our Seals were to take off during the night in a chopper?

    Dead men don’t tell tales!

    I do not believe anything coming from this admin; he needed to get the BC issue of the front page news and, this false flag was the way to do it!

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