Yes I Did, But You Can’t

Barack Obama ascended to the leadership of the free world in spite of being born into a racially mixed broken marriage, raised by grandparents, mentored by Communists, growing up in foreign countries, never having seen the main land of the US until he went to college, and having no experience in a real job.  He’s done all this, but he thinks everyone else needs a hand out and a hand up.  (Glenn Beck, paraphrased)

President Obama says he feels like everyone else.  Who?  Everyone else who has overcome all those obstacles?  Everyone else who was groomed by unknown outside forces to be a powerful political leader?   Everyone who plays into the New World Order?  Everyone who went to Columbia or Harvard?  Everyone mentored by Saul Alinsky or Frances Fox Piven?  If you add all those up, it wouldn’t reach one hundredth of one percent of Americans.

Consider what he represents.  He represents someone who supports the strongest unions who have gone far beyond protecting the welfare of their workers.  He represents the Caliphate of Muslim nations under an umbrella of the Muslim Brotherhood, which expressly supports the obliteration of Israel and the United States, (Little & Big Satins).  He represents “Black Liberation Theology” and “redistribution of wealth.”  He represents the poorest managed disaster since the Exon Valdese.  He represents erroneous government accounting of rising unemployment.  He represents trying to stimulate the economy through taxing and spending and/or creating more government jobs.  He represents a desire to skyrocket our energy costs for every industry and individual because of the proven hoax of Global Warming.  He represents changing conversations to what he wants to talk about, such as “Climate Change,” because “Global Warming” failed his agenda.  He represents a past-less man marketing hope and change without regard for what we hope or what change he intends.  He represents a total transformation of our nation without telling us what he intends to transform us into.  He represents his actions, not his words.  Those actions harm the very people he pretends to help; then he blames the natural economic reaction for his failure.  He supports acts that God deems expressed detestable and calls us immoral for not condoning it.  He represents a Godless existence and the things that have demised every nation that has eliminated the burden of faith.  He holds us accountable to his elite class while holding them unaccountable.  At best, he believes he is doing all this for our nation’s good.  At worst, he is fulfilling the dreams of his father to demise the power of United States.

Clearly many of the wonderful benefits he’s providing to the poor, unfortunate, alien, and foolish will be enjoyed and exalted for a short time.  However when the bills are owed, come due, overdue, and repossessed, that unfortunate class will have grown many times over and be thrown into deeper despair than ever imagined.  The implicit fact is that at Columbia University, Barack Obama both studied and taught the Cloward & Piven’s strategy to overload the US welfare system.  It appears he is applying it from the most powerful seat in our government.  In the interim he garners authority.  His “enjoy now & pay after the election” policies may gain him enough popularity for a second term during which he can expand his nebulous administration’s power to irreversible control, despite an index of misery.

Is Mitt Romney the answer?  We know he isn’t, but he is a turn in the right direction and a stopgap to slow the detrition of our constitutional design.  In the mean time, we shall hold Mr. Romney in as much contempt as necessary to further correct our course and put the reigns firmly back in the hands of the people.

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Wayne Petitto

Owner & Operator of 3 businesses, Mechanical Engineer, Electrical Engineer, Musician, 4th degree Black Belt. USAF Col. Retired: Navigation (C-141, AC-130, C-123, C-130), Operations, TALCE Commander Deployed to Thailand, KKMC, Port-au-Prince, Mogadishu, Sarajevo, & Croatia.

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