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Remembering Andrew Breitbart

On March 7, 2012, I had written this blog entry paying tribute to Andrew Breitbart.

I know we are only 65 days into the year, and we lost a great Conservative Patriot 6 days ago, but this has to be said. If there is anything we will take away from this year, it is the tag of #IAmBreitbart, just like 2011 was the year of #IAmJohnGalt in memory of the movie “Atlas Shrugged: Part 1” which opened on April 15, 2011.

I might not have met Andrew Breitbart, but had seen him on Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld and also in a few YouTube videos where he confronted the Occupy Wall street people as well as some who opposed the Tea Party. Through those incidents I feel as if I had known Andrew Breitbart, and will uphold his legacy of citizen journalism and blow the whistle on those who seek to cause harm to the country.

Andrew Breitbart at CPAC 2012

Andrew Breitbart doing what he does best in exposing Occupy Wall Street for the troublemakers they are.

And this wonderful pic (h/t Sarah Rumpf of Sunshine State Sarah) of Dana Loesch and Company. (pic taken by Chris Loesch) with the tweet posted here.


— Dana Loesch (@DLoesch) March 7, 2012

It has been a year ago today that he had died, and those words ring true today as they did back then. Andrew Breitbart was a happy warrior, one who knew that in order to win the political war you first have to conquer and win the cultural war.

BreitbartManifestoLast month, I had written the blog entry Alinsky vs. Breitbart and based on what I had seen over the past year from those on the Left and even from those on the Right, it just goes to show that I was right. This battle is not conservative v. liberal or even Republican v. Democrat. Rather, it is Saul Alinsky v. Andrew Breitbart. Barack Obama has been so successful in using Alinsky tactics to further divide and tear this country apart that at times it seems like nobody will be able to stand up to him. Well Andrew Breitbart had provided the tools to stand up to Obama and push back against the false narratives in his book Righteous Indignation: Excuse Me While I Save the World for us to use. We just have to actually go out there and DO it and not be afraid of whatever the consequences might be. The question is: Will you be willing to stand with me in using those tactics to fight the Alinsky tactics, or are you against me? Like Andrew said at CPAC last year, “If you’re not in that bunker because you’re not satisfied with a certain candidate, more than shame on you! You’re on the other side!” While there is no nominee to stand behind now, the fight still wages on. Andrew said this is a #WAR; I say #ThisMeansWAR. The internet is our battleground; our keyboards, cell phones, webcams, digital cameras, and iPods are the weapons we use. Andrew paved the way for us, now let’s go out there and make him proud of his work.


The 2012 Election and Talk of a Third Party

This week in the Patriot Zone there was one person who had said that because it looks like Mitt Romney will be the Republican Presidential Nominee, he will be voting third party and encouraged others to do so as well. History has shown that third parties serve nothing but heartbreak for the sitting president. For a classic example of this, we need look no further than 1992 when George H. W. Bush, aka Bush 41, lost to Bill Clinton due to Ross Perot siphoning a large amount of votes. Outside of that, third party candidates (and there are many of them. I think on this ballot there are 40-50 third parties who would be fielding a presidential nominee.

In 2008, we had elected Barack Obama, one who was not properly vetted by the media and when he came in to office did so with the goal of fundamentally transforming our nation, ready to rule form day one according to Valerie Jarrett, a member of his then-transition staff. Now thanks to Andrew Breitbart and Sean Hannity, we have begun to properly vet Barack Obama. this election is WAY to important to waste it on a third party because of the destruction Obama has been doing. I feel that if we vote third party come November 6, 2012, we will in a sense be handing Obama the keys to the White House for another four years.

IF we want to get Obama out of office in November, we have to do so with the right candidate. Outside of Perot’s serious run in 1992, third party candidates have only served as spoilers for the sitting president in history. However, I feel that this year the third party candidate will serve to aid Obama in keeping the White House for another 4 years because of this current crop of candidates. Granted, I am a Republican and a Newt Gingrich supporter, but let’s be realistic here. If he is not the nominee this year, the other three are not quite as electrifying to me as Newt is. It looks like Mitt Romney is the presumptive nominee, and if he keeps his position, I will vote for him in November because he, like the other Republican nominees this year, are better than Obama. The only one who electrified and excited me this election season was Herman Cain, but thanks to the establishment suits on both the Republican and the Democrat since he was forced to suspend his campaign.

My good friend and co-host Harriet Baldwin had posted a couple of things to really put this election into perspective when she posted the following two comments in The Patriot Zone.

  • Let me be clear: This is the MOST important election in our lifetimes. We MUST get behind the nominee-whoever it may be. A vote for ANY “third party candidate” is a vote for The Fraud aka Barack Hussein Obama. You are either with America or against America. Voting for Third Party or sitting on your sorry azz is unaccepatable.
  • Get involved. Get informed. COMMUNICATE. This “Third Party” talk is FINE after 2012. Not now. Imagine what this America-hating Usurper will do as a Lame Duck? Give me a break. End of America.

The ONLY TRUE VIABLE alternative to Barack Hussein Obama in November is the Republican nominee, whether it be Mitt Romney, the other three candidates running now, or whoever comes out of a brokered convention in August. Either way, whoever comes out of the Republican National Convention on August 30, we will have 60 days to coalesce around that candidate and do whatever it takes to defeat Obama. A vote for ANY of the third party candidates this year, and this clip from “Star Wars Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith” COULD VERY WELL be our future if Obama wins re-election.

I know I do not want this to happen. The question is, “Do You?”

The Election is Like College Sports

With the College Basketball tournament in full motion, and reading all of the results from the past four days, I got to thinking about the past three election seasons. In a way, these election seasons are like a mix of both the College basketball and the College Football Postseason. Why do I also mention College Football?

Simply put, the past two presidential elections are like the College Football postseason in that the establishment (on both the Republican and Democrat sides) have forced their candidate on us, just like our two choices in the form of #1 vs. #2 in the insipid Bowl Championship Series standings.

Now while the past two presidential elections have our candidates already named for us, Congressional elections (as well as the Democrat Presidential Primary in 2008 and the Republican Presidential Primary now) are like the NCAA College Basketball Tournament in that just as the 68 (current) teams play to see who will be the National College Basketball Champion, WE THE PEOPLE vote for who we want as a nominee. Sometimes we see upsets (like mid-major Butler University making it to the Final Four the past couple of years only to lose in the National Championship game) and sometimes we see the favorites survive and win (like #1 seed Duke University in 2010). We also see buzzer-beater shots making people heroes (like Christian Laettner’s buzzer beater as well as others in the following video) and also shots making people goats (like Gordon Hayward missing the final second shot in the 2010 National Championship Game vs. Duke)

This year’s Republican Presidential Primary has seen many people as front runners (Rick Perry, Herman Cain, Newt Gingrich, Rick Santorum, and Mitt Romney) and we have also seen many gaffes (like Perry’s oops comment during a debate)

However, one constant has remained true throughout this primary. That is WE THE PEOPLE are deciding, and we will continue to decide the nominee, whether said nominee gets 1,144 delegates between now and June 26 (the last primary) or by way of a brokered (or contested) convention the week of August 27-30 at the Republican National Convention.

If you are an American and have not voted as of yet (in the states and territories that have primaries and caucii coming up) please exercise your privilege (Note: it is not a right to vote, as there is no right to vote in a presidential election, but that is for another show) to vote for whoever your candidate may be. Will your candidate be a Butler, or will your candidate be a Duke?

The beginning of the end for Barack Obama


On my rants blog I had mentioned why I first started blogging, and how I got this press hat pic and use it as my display pic on my social media and on my instant messengers. Earlier this week I had written a wonderful blog entry on the year 2012 being the year of #IAmAndrewBreitbart, and seen on Twibbon an #IAmAndrewBreitbart page. If you are on Twitter, you would have seen me wear it on my display pic for the last week.

This week we have seen the vetting of Obama beginning, with the tapes released by the Breitbart group of websites on the Sean Hannity TV show Wednesday, and will be released more tonight. We are doing the job that the mainstream media could not, would not, and did not do in 2008, and this time there will be nowhere to hide. Come November, there will be enough on Obama that had not been there in 2008 that it will cause him to lose the election and then America can return to its’ founding principles.

2012: The Year of #IAmAndrewBreitbart

I know we are only 65 days into the year, and we lost a great Conservative Patriot 6 days ago, but this has to be said. If there is anything we will take away from this year, it is the tag of #IAmBreitbart, just like 2011 was the year of #IAmJohnGalt in memory of the movie “Atlas Shrugged: Part 1” which opened on April 15, 2011.

I might not have met Andrew Breitbart, but had seen him on Red Eye with Greg Gutfeld and also in a few YouTube videos where he confronted the Occupy Wall street people as well as some who opposed the Tea Party. Through those incidents I feel as if I had known Andrew Breitbart, and will uphold his legacy of citizen journalism and blow the whistle on those who seek to cause harm to the country.

Here are two of the best videos of Breitbart:



And this wonderful pic (h/t Sarah Rumpf of Sunshine State Sarah) of Dana Loesch and Company. (pic taken by Chris Loesch) with the tweet posted here.




Today’s episode of Red, Right, and Blue will be all about:

  • The fallout from Michigan and Arizona
  • A Preview of Super Tuesday
  • My take on Obama’s apology to Afghanistan President Karzai
  • A Tribute to Andrew Breitbart
  • and more

It all goes down today at 2 PM Eastern, 11 AM Pacific, 9 AM Hawaiian.

So do not forget to tune in and alsocall in if you have anything you want to share. The number is 718-305-7176, and the link to the show is



Huge Rally set for Washington DC on Tax Day 2012


Washington DC, you better brace yourselves. A Class 10 HermanCain is coming your way April 15 and 16, bringing with it an angry group of Patriots who are waking up thanks to the Solutions Revolution.

On February 29, Herman Cain held a 45 minute conference, which was sponsored by Four Tier Strategies, with a group of bloggers. As always, Cain is forever changing the landscape, just as he did during his presidential campaign. This time, he had unveiled a new website called Sick of Stimulus with a wonderful video which sums it all up perfectly.

“The Liberal media and the Democrats hate 9-9-9,“ Cain said. “They want to marginalize the message and the messenger. We are up against the liars in DC and in the mainstream media.”

On April 15th and 16th, all 535 elected officials (435 Congressmen and 100 Senators) will be targeted by hundreds of thousands of normal citizens to support 9-9-9. Cain said that 9-9-9 is the people’s solution, and one way to let the leaders in Washington DC know about it is by getting a grassroots movement formed to peacefully advance to Washington and organize a peaceful combination of a meeting and a rally to let Congress know that “the sleeping giant has awakened!”

Cain also mentioned that he will be filling in for Neal Boortz March 1 and 2 from 10 AM to 1 PM on WSB Radio out of Atlanta. For more information on 9-9-9 and the Solutions Revolution, go to As he always says, the people need to “stay informed, stay inspired, and stay involved”

Celebrities and what REALLY matters in America

For those of you who had either followed my blog for some time or who are new, permit me to explain why I first started blogging. The year was 2005. I was on the internet reading a few articles when my mom and uncle were talking about Martha Stewart and her release from prison. Mom had asked me for my opinion on it. A couple of days later, I was watching the news and all that the pundits and reporters could talk about was Martha Stewart. What infuriated me was not the fact that they talked about her release but that they kept at it for 5 solid hours. In fact, I was so infuriated that I had started a blog and led off with it.

And now here we are, seven years later and yet we have another celebrity making news constantly. This time it is Whitney Houston and her death. Granted, she was a good singer and everything, but I just have one question to ask everyone. What effect does she have on your life, liberty, or property? I mean, we have a Republic to save from Obama and a deficit to clear up. Right now more people are worried about American Idol, Justin Bieber, and what is on Extra or Entertainment Tonight than things that TRULY matter. If I am not mistaken this is how Rome fell. People were worried about the sporting events or the plays that they did not see the Empire falling from within until it was too late. 2010 was a wake-up call for us to take our Republic back, and if we learned anything from the CPAC meetings of last week, it is that this year we need to do whatever we can to ensure that Barack Obama and the Democrats do not maintain control of the government.

Online Social Media Tea Party?

There is a reason I had titled this rant like I did. Back in July during the debt ceiling debacle Hugh Hewitt, a talk radio host as well as a columnist for, mentioned that a “Twitter Tea Party” is needed. I had tweeted a couple of things during that Tea Party, and think that another one is needed right now. Only thing is I will go one better. What we need is just as I had mentioned in the title of this blog entry, an ONLINE SOCIAL MEDIA Tea Party.

As far as I know, there are 8 forms of Social Media online right now:

  1. Facebook (
  2. Twitter (
  3. Tumblr (
  4. LinkedIn (
  5. Digg (
  6. YouTube (
  7. any and all blogs
  8. any and all message boards

(NOTE: If there are any others I am forgetting, please let me know. Also, I realize I am missing sites like RedState, Tea Party Patriots, Tea Party Nation, and FreedomWorks and FreedomConnector as well, but I have included them in the final two forms.)

With sites like Facebook and Twitter, I would propose we find out the online pages of ALL of the political figures – whether they are local, state, or national – and post on their sites, telling them how you think they are doing and just let them know what you would like to see enacted on either a bill or some other pending legislation, as well as your thoughts on how they had voted on prior pieces of legislation. Also, Facebook and Twitter are good sites to post articles and other items to let people know what is happening not only in America but all around the world.

With sites like Tumblr, LinkedIn, and Digg, I would propose that we find articles and other items, like we did with Facebook and Twitter, and post them to our pages to let people know what is happening. This way we can get the word out and keep others up to date on what is happening.

In the event that the articles we had found are already posted to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, LinkedIn, or Digg by others, we should like, share, Retweet, Digg, and/or even comment on them.

With YouTube, we have a choice of either uploading a video of our own opinions on certain events, uploading videos of rallies or speeches, or commenting on the videos which are already out there.

For the various blogs and message boards out there, we can employ the same methods we used above, especially sharing them on the other social media outlets. This way the same articles get multiple coverage.

Why do I say post the same articles on all forms of social media? The answer is real simple. You might have different friends on Facebook than you do on Twitter (for example) and as such your Twitter friends might not be aware of a certain issue if you had only posted it to Facebook. I use all of the above social media outlets and there are some friends who are one outlet but not on others. If you only post to one social media outlet and then tell your friends on another they might feel out of the loop if they had not read a certain article, blog entry, or anything else. That is why we should cover ALL of the social media outlets, regardless of what they are, and get the word out there.

If you are interested in a Social Media Tea Party, please let me know and hopefully we can try to work something out. My email and Instant Messengers are always open and available for discussion about this.


(Written on December 26, 2011, at

The primary/caucus process must change

Well the voting has begun today for the Republican nominee to challenge Barack Obama in November. Apparently Iowa and New Hampshire think they are so important that they want to be the first two states to vote. Iowa had their caucus last week and New Hampshire has their Primary Tuesday.

The reason why it started when it did was because Florida wanted to push their primary back to January 31, which meant that Iowa and New Hampshire had to push theirs just so they can be first. I do not know the history behind that but that is what the people of both Iowa and New Hampshire want. Judging by the map I think it does not make any sense, especially since the next two are South Carolina on January 21 and Florida, which I had mentioned is on January 31. Now I understand that some candidates might skip New Hampshire and campaign in South Carolina or some candidates might campaign for 7 days in New Hampshire, then 11 days in South Carolina and then 10 days in Florida which might be a little too much on their schedules, so I have come up with an idea that might just work for all future primaries and caucuses in both the Democrat AND Republican parties.

My proposal is to divide the country into 5 regions of 10 states each and then once a month those regions go to the caucuses (in the form of states like Iowa) or primaries (in the form of states like Florida or New Hampshire) and then vote like normal. (I realize the US held territories like Puerto Rico and the US Virgin Islands also send delegates to the conventions, but have excluded them from this distribution because they do not vote for the President in November) After all, we have all 50 states vote in November, so why not have something in a smaller nature during the primaries or caucuses? The list I had come up with is a rough sketch, but I hope the general idea comes across.

  • WEST – California, Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming, Alaska, Hawaii, Nebraska
  • ROCKY MOUNTAIN – Arizona, Utah, New Mexico, Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Missouri, Arkansas, Louisiana
  • MIDWEST – North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky
  • SOUTH – Mississippi, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, Tennessee, Maryland, Delaware
  • NEW ENGLAND – Pennsylvania, New Jersey, West Virginia, Connecticut, New York, Massachusetts, Vermont, New Hampshire, Maine, Rhode Island

Then every month one region can vote either at the beginning or the end of the month. This way every candidate can have some skin in the game regardless of how much money they have or how they rank in the polls. For instance, in Iowa the Top Three have Ron Paul and Rick Santorum but in Illinois they are not in the top three in any of the polls I had seen. That would be all right because in the voting system I am proposing they could focus on the states they ARE popular in within the certain region and try to use that popularity to gain supporters in other states of the same region. So Paul might focus on Illinois while Santorum could go to Minnesota since they are in the top three in Iowa and Rick Perry, who is 5th in Iowa, could stay in Iowa and build up his poll numbers.

The pro’s of the regions voting at the beginning of the month would be that with the voting out of the way they can focus on the next region. (For example, if the Midwest voted today, then the candidates can focus on the New England states the rest of the month, with voting coming up about February 3rd) The pro’s of the states voting at the end of the month would be that the candidates can focus squarely on that particular region. (for instance, the candidates can focus on the South states leading up to voting on January 31st) One thing I would see with this is that all of the voting and tabulations would be done by May which means that the nominee would have three months to find a running mate and get the grassroots campaign at least started by getting the main headquarters set up before the convention. Then the day after they give their acceptance speech they can get started on their general election campaign.

There might be more pro’s and con’s for both scenarios, but they might come in another blog entry. If any have any pro’s or con’s to what I had posted, please mention in comments or in my Instant Messengers or social media outlets.

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My Take on the Morning Debate of January 8, 2012

First, I have to say that even though I did not see last night’s debate and only heard little snippets here and there this morning, to have another debate 10 hours later is a little ridiculous. Granted, I think a morning debate would be good from time to time, but not on back to back days or in the span of 12 hours to where it almost has the feel of a day-night (or in this case a night-day) doubleheader in baseball. Also, now that Michele Bachmann is out of the race things might be a little quicker as far as not only the debates but we might also see some separation as to who has the ability to proceed deeper into the Primary Season and who cannot.

That said, the debate (which a transcript can be found HERE) on NBC’s Meet The Press today had the feel of a Sunday morning talk show, which it kind of was. Now while I did not tweet much during the Debate, I had followed Dick Morris’ Twitter feed and posted a few of his Tweets in my own Timeline as well as in one group I am involved in on Facebook. Morris says that his analysis is pretty much spot on, and he went on to say that though Newt Gingrich won the debate (which I agree with him on) that Mitt Romney did not lose any ground and might win the primary on Tuesday.

Fortunately, there was only one 10 minute (if that) block where the the social issue of gay rights was mentioned. As one prominent talk radio show host says, if the candidates spend a lot of time talking about social conservatism (ie. gay marriage and abortion) and not on jobs and the economy, then come November the independent voters and the women will all swarm to Barack Obama and we will be stuck with 4 more years of Obama ruining this country. However, I will say that the biggest applause line (at least to me) during that block was at the end when this interaction took place between Rick Santorum and Andy Hiller, Political Editor of WHDC TV 7 in Boston:

HILLER: What if you had a son who came to you and said he was gay?
SANTORUM: I would love him as much as I did the second before he said it. And I would try to do
everything I can to be as good a father to him as possible.

One of the things I noticed which happened at least 10 times during the debate was when one of the candidates would talk about what a failure Obama is as president and then David Gregory would steer the conversation away. Granted, this is the REPUBLICAN Debate, but what the Republicans are focusing on is the fact that whoever comes out of the primaries will have to face Obama in November. Now the one who I had seen try to focus on Obama and not on the other candidates in the past is Newt. If more candidates had followed the formula of going after Obama and not each other (keeping in mind Ronald Reagan’s 11th Commandment of not speaking ill of another Republican) then we probably would have gotten a little more substance from each of the candidates and not the style which the liberal media is trying to focus on.

My own personal report card and analysis of the candidates is as follows:

Newt Gingrich – Time and again Gingrich has shown why he is a master at the debates, and today is no different. Granted, he went after Romney on his record as Massachusetts governor but all in all he pretty much stayed out of the fray against the other candidates. His best line of the day came when he talked about the type of person who is most likely to survive against the kind of billion-dollar campaign the Obama team is going to run. Debate grade: A-

Mitt Romney – As Dick Morris had tweeted, Newt might have won the debate but Romney did just enough to maintain his lead in the polls in New Hampshire and should win the primary handily. I have to say that I agree with Morris. Most of Romney’s answers were just enough to keep him in the lead, with no epic failures. Same old basic average Mitt. Debate grade: C

Jon Huntsman – Some people had asked why huntsman is even running, and there have been a time or two in which why I was wondering as well. However, he has some high points on China (naturally because he was Ambassador to China) and his 4 years as Utah governor.other than that, he was relatively ignored. Debate grade: C+

Ron Paul – I do have to give it to Paul on some of his domestic and economic issues. His foreign policy is dangerous and, in my mind, would leave us wide open to an attack by Al Qaeda or some of the drug cartels in Mexico. While I do not want him as President, I could see him as Treasury Secretary or Chairman or the Federal Reserve during a Republican Administration. Debate grade: C-

Rick Perry – While I am not a Perry supporter, I have to say that he did hold his own during the debate this morning. If he had held this type of fire in the earlier debates, I think he might have survived his oops moment where he forgot the name of the third department he would eliminate (he had poked fun at that during today’s debate) and probably would have been the front-runner. His interaction with Paul over what the biggest problem is facing this country today was the highlight of the debate for him in my mind. In fact, I even channeled Silence of the Lambs and said that Paul just had his spleen eaten by Perry. Debate grade: B

Rick Santorum – His interaction with Paul in the middle about his congressional record (where it was brought up that Paul had over 600 bills introduced and only 4 made it to the House floor only to have one of those four passed and signed into law) as well as going after Paul’s foreign policy was one of the two highlights of the debate he had – the interaction with Hiller being the second. I had first channeled Silence of the Lambs where I had tweeted that “Santorum is having Paul’s liver with fava beans and a nice chiante for breakfast!” Outside of those two segments, Santorum in my mind was flat. Debate grade: C+

Again, the debate had the feel of a Sunday morning talk show, and we had not learned anything more about the candidates that we do not already know.


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