Huge Rally set for Washington DC on Tax Day 2012


Washington DC, you better brace yourselves. A Class 10 HermanCain is coming your way April 15 and 16, bringing with it an angry group of Patriots who are waking up thanks to the Solutions Revolution.

On February 29, Herman Cain held a 45 minute conference, which was sponsored by Four Tier Strategies, with a group of bloggers. As always, Cain is forever changing the landscape, just as he did during his presidential campaign. This time, he had unveiled a new website called Sick of Stimulus with a wonderful video which sums it all up perfectly.

“The Liberal media and the Democrats hate 9-9-9,“ Cain said. “They want to marginalize the message and the messenger. We are up against the liars in DC and in the mainstream media.”

On April 15th and 16th, all 535 elected officials (435 Congressmen and 100 Senators) will be targeted by hundreds of thousands of normal citizens to support 9-9-9. Cain said that 9-9-9 is the people’s solution, and one way to let the leaders in Washington DC know about it is by getting a grassroots movement formed to peacefully advance to Washington and organize a peaceful combination of a meeting and a rally to let Congress know that “the sleeping giant has awakened!”

Cain also mentioned that he will be filling in for Neal Boortz March 1 and 2 from 10 AM to 1 PM on WSB Radio out of Atlanta. For more information on 9-9-9 and the Solutions Revolution, go to As he always says, the people need to “stay informed, stay inspired, and stay involved”

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One Comment

  1. Okay, a prepare also for a huge Occupy force to go up against these rallyer’s to try to start a riot. The Communist radicals and agitator’s are going to try and stop this rally in order to show the public that these(Cain-ite’s, Tea Party people, conservatives, and anyone else who is against utopian leftists, radical Communist agitator’s and anyone else who hates the words of Freedom and Liberty that our founding fathers wanted for EVERYONE!!! And we are for the rights(the real rights, the one’s enumerated in the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights found in our Declaration of Independence. These Communists, Socialists, Marxists, hard core Lefists, and the cultists of Liberalism…..hate!!!

    So we’re up against “hater’s” of Freedoms except the freedoms the leftists want for everyone who are follower’s of the leftists, Socialist Democrats. No, our Constitution guarantee’s freedom for everyone so long as you are not one of those people who hate what America was founded on and that is Christianity and it’s derivitives. Not Islam! Not Buddism! Not Hinduism! Or any other religion, cult, or order.

    The God of Israel is who this country is under. And if you don’t like it, you are free to leave any time you want.

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