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Miracle On Main Street

The folks at Rebooting America are at it again.

“A simple act of kindness can change a person’s mood, their outlook and their heart,” reads the Facebook event page entitled, Miracle On Main Street.

Hoping to create nationwide recognition for random acts of kindness, the group of internet savvy activists say they want to prove conservatism works because conservatives are good.

“The simple act of giving a homeless man a pair of boots received over 200,000 hits online within days,” says Justen Charters, one of Rebooting America’s founders. “We know that charity works best at the local level and that communities can better care for their needy than bureaucrats in D.C. can”

The group intends to create a list of ideas on the event page that people can use to do good deeds in their local communities during a 3 day period later this month.

“Together we can create thousands of random acts of kindness all over the country, proving once again that as Americans, we take care of our fellow citizens. To learn what you can do in your community or to post ideas for others, please visit and leave a comment. Tell us what you are doing, share a photo and inspire others. We will be compiling a list of random acts of kindness and posting it on the event page.”

Critics have already begun to claim that acts of charity should not require recognition, but the group has fired back saying that this event hasn’t been created out of a need for self-promotion, but rather it is to serve as inspiration to others who may need encouragement this holiday season. The idea list they are compiling includes acts that require a charitable donation, but also includes many ideas that can be done for free.

Rebooting America was responsible for Papa John’s Appreciation Day in November that helped create a much needed boost in business for local franchise owners. Tens of thousands of Americans participated in the event that started with a Facebook event page and a few tweets. Rebooting America hopes to compound those efforts and make Miracle On Main Street even more successful.

When: December 21 – 23, 2012
Where: USA
Learn More: Miracle On Main Street Facebook Page

Full disclosure: This writer is also a founding member of Rebooting America and helped create this event. For questions, media inquiries, comments, etc. please follow and direct message on Twitter:

Give Them The Wealth

“THIS IS A MAJOR DEAL” – Van Jones on changes made by the Department of the Interior to free up Indian lands for renewable energy production.

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar announced changes in how the federal government will grant permits for the development of wind and other surface energy production on tribal lands saying, “This final step caps the most comprehensive reforms of Indian land leasing regulations in more than 50 years and will have a lasting impact on individuals and families who want to own a home or build a business on Indian land.” (Forbes)

According to the Department of the Interior website, “The new regulation, effective 30 days after publication in the Federal Register, will fundamentally change the way the BIA does business, in many ways by minimizing the [Bureau of Indian Affairs’s] role and restoring greater control to tribal governments. The final rule provides clarity by identifying specific processes – with enforceable timelines – through which the BIA must review leases.”

Salazar and his department haven’t always had the authority to make such changes to federal policy, but President Obama submitted an official memorandum on November 28, granting Salazar unprecedented authority without Congressional approval.

Former “Green Jobs Czar” Van Jones, who has written 2 books and given countless public speeches about using the green energy agenda to redistribute wealth to tribes within the US, took to social media to express his enthusiasm for the administration’s recent moves.

“THIS IS A MAJOR DEAL!” tweeted Jones in a ‘re-tweet’ of the Forbes article outlining the changes.

For context, Van Jones’ wealth redistribution agenda masked as energy policy can be seen in action in this video.

Oft fraught with fiery rhetoric and shocking language, Van Jones‘ speeches reveal his communist tendencies. Jones once said, “white polluters and the white environmentalists are essentially steering poison into the people of color communities because they have a racial justice frame.”

Salazar, though much more controlled in his language, has offered much public criticism of states’ rights to regulate their own energy production. In June of this year, Salazar announced that the federal government needed to do more to regulate hydraulic fracturing efforts. In an interview with Reuters, he said that states were not sufficiently overseeing the fracking processes and that the federal government has a five year plan for leases.

Obamacare Surcharge

Another brave business owner is making changes due to the Obamacare mandates and hopes to implement the changes by January 2014 when Obamacare is in full effect.

John Metz, a restaurant owner in South Florida, announced he will add a 5 percent surcharge to customer bills to offset the increased overhead his company faces due to the Affordable Care Act.

Metz, who operates Denny’s and Hurricane’s Grill & Wings, told the Huffington Post, “If I leave the prices the same, but say on the menu that there is a 5 percent surcharge for Obamacare, customers have two choices. They can either pay it and tip 15 to 20%, or if they really feel so inclined, they can reduce the amount of the tip they give the server, who is the primary beneficiary of Obamacare.”

Metz is also cutting employee hours, which is has become commonplace as of late within the restaurant industry. Darden Restaurants, Papa John’s, Apple-Metro and Jimmy John’s have begun to make similar changes in their workforces.

The restaurant industry has extremely high turnover and rarely hires employees on a full-time basis for “front of the store” positions. Full-time status has been commonly defined as 40 hours per week, but the Affordable Care Act now mandates workers putting in 30 hours per week or more be considered full-time. The administrative costs associated with hiring full-time employees is high for low turnover industries, but for high attrition rate industries like food service is astronomical.

Metz said his current insurance for full-time employees costs $5,000 to $6,000 per year. “Obviously, I’d love to cover all our employees under that insurance, but to pay $5,000 per employee would cost us $175,000 per restaurant, and unfortunately, most of our restaurants don’t make $175,000 per year.”

With about 1,200 employees throughout more than 40 restaurant locations, Metz’ costs if he were to keep employee hours the same could have the potential to put him out of business, leaving all 1,200 employees jobless. The fines associated with Obamacare for employers who do not comply with the full-time employee mandates will face penalties of $2,000 per employee, which Metz claims will cost roughly $70,000 per restaurant annually.

Papa John’s and others have been targeted by leftwing media groups for making changes to their workforce and called for a boycott. To show support for companies having to make tough decisions in response to Obamacare, conservative citizen activist groups like Rebooting America are promoting “National Papa John’s Appreciation Day” via Twitter and other social media. The group has received national attention with Founder Justen Charters appearing on Fox Business Channel and more than 16,000 people have committed to the event via Facebook.

The event page reads, “Papa John’s has been targeted by the left for a boycott, for simply articulating that ObamaCare would hurt profits and force cutbacks in employee hours. Stand up to this nonsensical and illogical action and support Papa John’s this Friday!”

The group has also asked that anyone purchasing pizza on Friday to consider buying an extra pie to share with someone in need or a church group, charity or afterschool program.

Go Ahead, Try To Prove Him Wrong

On a private phone call hacked by an informant to media outlets, former presidential candidate Mitt Romney told major donors that he lost the election due in large part to “gifts” President Obama gave to certain strategic demographics.

“The Obama campaign was following the old playbook of giving a lot of stuff to groups that they hoped they could get to vote for them and be motivated to go out to the polls, specifically the African American community, the Hispanic community and young people. In each case they were very generous in what they gave to those groups.”

Romney gave examples like student loan forgiveness and health care insurance for young people ages 18-34 which Obama won with 63% of the vote. (Reuters)

While leftwing media and liberal Twitter trolls attempt to demonize Romney for his comments, few are trying to prove him wrong.

Other “gifts” from the government that likely helped the Obama win include free birth control for young women, which Obama won by a large margin. Using an executive order to grant amnesty to Hispanic and Latino children likely aided the president’s nearly 80% support among nonwhites (Reuters). And who could forget the million+ Obamaphone giveaways in OH?

There’s no doubt the race was close. Did government gifts sway the election in Obama’s favor? Romney may be on to something.

Petraeus WILL Testify

Fox News is now reporting that Former General and recently retired David Petraeus WILL testify to a House Committee about his alleged affair and the terrorist attack in Benghazi.

The move comes after widespread speculation that following his retirement announcement just days before the closed hearing, Petraeus would not testify. Petraeus likely has unique knowledge into who gave the orders to “stand down” when Ambassador Stevens and other Americans begged for military support while under attack for more than 7 hours on September 11, 2012.

In the days following the terrorist attack, Obama administration spokespeople, including UN Ambassador Rice, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and the president himself, made public statements suggesting the intelligence community had concluded an anti-Islamic YouTube video was to blame for a protest gone wrong resulted in the deaths of 4 Americans in Benghazi. As CIA Director, Petraeus testified before Congress backing up that claim. Reporters later learned that the White House was aware of a terrorist group linked to Al Qaeda claiming responsibility for the assault within hours of the first shots.

Secretary of State Clinton has assembled a legal defense team to assist any testimony she may be required to provide, though she has cited scheduling conflicts and at this time is not expected to appear at the Benghazi hearing.
Read Incredible Incompetence for more insight into Benghazi.

Papa John’s Appreciation Day More Than a Buy-cott

What began as a simple discussion among conservative activists on social media has snowballed into an all out national Papa John’s Day.

The popular pizza chain has come under attack by liberal media and activist groups for holding true to its promise made before the recent election to reduce employee hours in preparation for the Affordable Care Act regulations set to take affect in January 2013.

I had the pleasure of discussing the event and the purposes behind it with HuffPost Live host Ahmed Shihab-Eldin.

Friday, November 16th has been dubbed Papa John’s Appreciation Day complete with its own Facebook Event Page and Twitter Hashtag (#NationalPapaJohnsDay). The group credited with the idea is Rebooting America, a start-up activist organization still in its planning stages.

A point missed in much of the media attention circling Papa John’s Appreciation Day is that it began with the intent to encourage pizza enthusiasts and lovers of capitalism to show with their actions that the free market is charitable. Organizers of the event are asking that when you buy a pie on Friday, consider buying an additional pie for a local charity, church group, afterschool program, or even a neighbor that may be out of work.

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Incredible Incompetence

As the typical media outlets focus on the sex scandal surrounding former CIA Director David Petraeus and the shirtless emails from an FBI agent, the real tragedy of Benghazi goes unnoticed and the president’s woeful incompetence has yet to be challenged. There are a magnitude of questions still unanswered about the assassination of Ambassador Christopher Stevens and the deaths of 3 other Americans when the US consulate in Benghazi, Libya was attacked by a coordinated group of terrorists.

Were the president, Secretary of Defense, Secretary of State, CIA Director and Director of National Intelligence aware of multiple requests for additional security in the weeks leading up to the attack?
If so, who denied the requests and why?
If not, why not?
Why did Stevens meet with a Turkish diplomat an hour before the attack?
Was President Obama in the Situation Room during the attack?
If so, who gave the stand down, not once, but three times?
If so, why did the president, his campaign staff and UN Ambassador Rice lie about the attack being a mob protest gone wrong for 2 weeks?
If the president was not in the Situation Room, why not?

Congressional hearings scheduled for later this week will be “closed” and without media inclusion. Both Petraeus and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who has hired a high-powered legal team, are no longer scheduled to testify at the hearings, which could have offered insight as to the multiple requests for additional security and other details about the US operation in Libya. Petraeus is out due to his resignation, Clinton cites a schedule conflict, though both could be subpoenaed.

The timing and circumstances of Petraeus’ resignation begs the question, “What did the president know and when did he know it?” considering the Obama administration’s history of failed vetting and lack of control of military commanders.

General Stanley McChrystal was fired in 2010 after he made statements in an interview with Rolling Stone Magazine that the administration claimed were disrespectful. Administration officials said the interview was not the principle reason for McChrystal’s firing. McChrystal replaced General David McKiernan just a year earlier as the commander for Afghanistan because then Defense Secretary Robert Gates “lacked confidence” in McKiernan.

General Carter Ham was the commander of US operations in Africa until just after the September 11th terrorist attack in Libya. Congressman Jason Chaffetz (UT-R) said publicly that Ham told him that no request for military support for the Americans under attack in Benghazi was made to Ham. Though speculation has circulated the news wires, there has not been a definitive statement as to why Ham decided to leave his post just 1 year before his scheduled retirement.

Former General David Petraeus would most certainly have been vetted by administration officials before taking his post as Director of the CIA. Who vetted him for that position? Being that the alleged affair with his autobiographer Paula Brodwell is reported to have occurred while Petraeus was still a general, why did the information on the affair not come out during the vetting process?

Either the president and his chosen administration knew these things and ignored them, has no control over their own personal appointments at the very highest levels of the military, or the vetting process is completely inept. When will the media begin asking questions that provide the answers?

Petraeus Resigns

Former General David Petraeus who has served as Director of the CIA for little over a year has resigned according to reports.

Petraeus, who has remained peculiarly quiet regarding the assassination of US Ambassador Chris Stevens, Sean Smith and two ex-Navy Seals and CIA operatives Glen Doherty and Ty Woods, submitted his resignation to the president citing an extra-marital affair for his desire to leave the post.

As CIA Director, Petraeus visits the White House several times per week and participates in National Security Council sessions. He also meets with James Clapper, head of national intelligence, and Tom Donilon, national security advisor to President Obama.

Congressional hearings on the Benghazi attack and subsequent cover-up of details by administration officials will resume November 15.

Caterpillar Flees Minnesota

Once a backdrop for President Obama’s campaign to pass the Stimilus Bill in 2009, Caterpillar Inc. is making a mad dash for the border and they are leaving 100 employees behind.

Caterpillar’s Owatonna, MN production plant will cease production in March 2013, according to executives who met with the 100 laid-off workers just 2 days after the November 6th election.

“We value our employees’ contributions, and these actions are not a reflection of them, but rather the result of a need to make our business more efficient and competitive,” Caterpillar said in a statement.

Given the timing of the announcement and the outcomes in Minnesota state legislative races, one has to assume the move is at least in part politically motivated.

In 2010, on the wave of Tea Party and liberty-minded activists throughout the country, Minnesota’s state legislature saw a Republican led House and Senate for the first time in decades. The state had a $6.2 billion deficit at the time, despite having a Democrat governor. Just 2 years later, the Democrat party will again take control of the legislature and budget, now with a $1.2 billion surplus and no Republicans to stop the taxes and spending.

According to The Tax Foundation, a non-partisan tax research group in Washington, DC, Minnesota ranks 45th in the country on the State Business Tax Climate Index. It should be no surprise that companies will continue to leave Minnesota if the tax climate remains dismal. Others have already left or laid off thousands of employees in recent years including State Farm, Polaris and Lockheed Martin.

Caterpillar is one of many companies moving to more business-friendly states, decreasing their work force or closing shop altogether. The list of companies announcing layoffs and closings includes big names like Energizer, Bristol-Meyers, US Cellular and Boeing.

Ohio-based Murray Energy is the country’s largest privately owned coal mining company. CEO Robert Murray announced layoffs for more than 100 workers citing the reelection of President Obama and the administration’s “war on coal” as deciding factors.

Perhaps the American worker should have focused more on the Obama administration’s very real “war on jobs” and less on the manufactured “war on women.”

Open Letter To Moms

As a writer for CDN and a political pundit on radio and social media, I often get email responses to my public commentary. This open letter to moms not only captured my attention, but touched my heart so deeply that I felt the need to share it with others.

October 2012

Open Letter to Moms

One of the benefits of being a stay-at-home-mom is grocery shopping on weekday mornings when the stores are quiet. A recent trip to the grocery store, however, became a thought provoking experience. I arrived to find the parking lot full and crowded aisles. Then I realized it was the first of the month.

Like a lot of people I shop at a large discount chain to stretch my grocery dollars. I’ve learned that folks on SNAP, formerly known as Food Stamps, do the same. The first of the month is when funds are deposited into SNAP accounts.

My typical grocery shopping experience takes longer than usual. I probably forgot something on my list. My toddler and infant are now tired and cranky, and I’ve now forgotten where I parked. Trying to find my car, I look around the parking lot. There’s a lot of nice cars. SUV’s. Shiny new models. I remember again that it’s the first of the month. This observation has me intrigued. Wile it’s impossible to know exactly who owns which car, and who is on SNAP, it stands to reason that there are some people driving really nice cars who are on SNAP. And it gets me thinking.

My husband drives a 10 year old car. His paycheck is decent enough that he could treat himself to a much nicer vehicle. In fact, we could live in a much nicer house. Heck, I could drive a bigger car; one that doesn’t require the removal of a double stroller from the trunk to make room on grocery shopping days. But my husband chooses to drive an old car. We live in a modest home. And I drive a small car and squeeze 2 car seats in the back. We do this so we can afford to save money. In our savings account in case of emergency. For retirement. So we can put money into our kids’ savings plans. All of these payments are as important to us as real bills, even though they are optional. We won’t be in default if we don’t put away funds into savings. It won’t affect our credit rating if we don’t save for retirement and instead lived paycheck to paycheck, using every last cent to make payments on new, big, shiny cars.

We could forgo these “optional” payments and opt instead to have nicer things. Noticing the cars in the parking lot of a discount retailer on the first of the month makes me think that a lot of people do just that. Then the “Oh no” moment happens. A job is lost. An accident occurs. An illness takes hold. These families that chose to spend it all now need the government to hold their hand as they leave the big house and get into the big car as they head to the grocery store. Land, home and vehicles are not factored into food stamp eligibility. (

I wish more folks would choose to be responsible and not dependent. The “optional” payments made to emergency savings, retirement and college funds are investments for an independent future. It is a purchase of security. Then if an unexpected situation presents itself, the savings account buys the groceries, not the government. It is richer to live modestly but financially secure than surrounded by luxuries that deplete an entire paycheck each month.

This is the lesson I want my children to learn, live and pass on: to be RESPONSIBLE and not dependent.

I am not trying to ridicule or demonize those who haven’t been taught this lesson. Unfortunately, our government and societal norms have made it all too easy to accept the paycheck to paycheck mentality. But the situation in our country has become dire.

As it stands, our national debt is over 16 trillion dollars. It helps to see what 16 trillion looks like. There’s a LOT of zeros! It’s our CHILDREN that will have to bear the brunt of paying this debt, PLUS the interest! It works out to be about $50,000 per child born this year. How will our children afford to drive ANY type of car with that hanging over them?

Aside from making a choice this November for the candidate that will better address our exploding debt, we need to raise the next generation to be responsible, financially independent adults. The president has a job to do, and as mothers, so do we.

– S Tieszen, American Mom

Epic Rant of All That is Wrong With Obama Administration

The Obama For America “First Time” ad featuring young actress Lena Dunham got my blood boiling. As a woman, I am appalled at the President’s campaign sexualizing the act of voting; an act for which men and women have died. This shameful piece of political garbage demeans all of the struggles in our history fought by very brave women to gain equality, be taken seriously and be given the right to vote.

Beneath the surface of questionable advertising is a culture of immaturity and disrespect not seen before in American history. This president, his campaign staff and his chosen administration has, over the course of 4 short years, belittled the office of the presidency.

Instead of screaming into a pillow or drinking away my frustration, I ranted on Facebook with all of the immature, demeaning, weak and embarrassing moments that have dominated this presidency. Many have asked that I post it here so they can share it with friends.
So, here ya go:

I can’t take it. The “first time” ad pushed me over the edge. Gotta rant…

Pimp with a Limp show, calls Romney a “bulls****er” hasn’t stopped talking about Big Bird, binders and bayonets… And there’s the feet on the desk, the ipod full of his own speeches given to the queen, the White House gift shop gifts to the PM of England’s children, the DVDs that don’t even work, the fake doctors, fake vegetables, fake smiles and a fake recovery. Millions of dollars in taxpayer funded vacations, “in case you didn’t hear, I won…” Beer pong in the White House, Emanuel the F-bomb king, skips 50% of his security briefings and then goes to bed during a 7 hour battle with terrorists while officials watch in real time the death of 4 Americans including the President’s personal representative. But never misses a TV spot, Letterman, The View, Leno, Daily Show, never misses picking his final four on ESPN. “Put y’all back in chains” BFD. Bowling like the Special Olympics, beer summit, “police acted stupidly” Bow, bow, bow again. America sux tour, skips meetings with allies. Serves the President of Mexico s’mores for dessert. Special flights to Chicago for pick up basketball games, golfs more than 100 times. I didn’t say that. You didn’t build that. Bridges, roads, teachers, cops…. Shovel-ready not so shovel-ready afterall. Unlawfully using citizen emails, Cash for Clunkers fiasco, sends his 13 year old without parental supervision to Mexico for spring break (did secret service babysit?). Cue balls. Salahi’s crash the party. All this for a flag? Eye candy and “corpse-men,” Buying votes for Obamacare with rides on AF1. Wears sweatpants in the Oval Office and typically shows up after 9am. Returned Winston Churchill bust. Pick up a mop or get out of the way. “It’s Constitutional, B*****s” Nixes National Day of Prayer, Pay-go is a No-go. Comment on Kanye, leave Bibi waiting. Teleprompter with sixth graders. “JULIA” Meetings and commissions and boards, oh my. Shout outs during tragedy, still won’t call it terrorism. Blame it on a video. “A**kicker of the United States” Green companies out of green. Snitch on your neighbor, “Truth” team, bullying the nation into anti-bullying schools agenda from the bully pulpit. Emily Rosen… 3 of them. Push granny off a cliff. Bush’s fault. Bush’s fault. Bush’s fault. No meetings with jobs council. Private sector is doing fine. Carrying a big stick. Not optimal bumps in the road. Romnesia comedy tour. Flags with faces, bitter clingers, bungles a toast to the Queen. Executive orders, school lunches, the sequester is not going to happen. We are our brothers’ keeper… except for mine. Supports OWS. Mao-rry Christmas, Lady Liberty fly-by. WTF, Winning the Future or WTF?

Brian Terry. Christopher Stevens. Tyrone Woods. Glen Doherty. Sean Smith.

Read about the THREE Denials for Help in Benghazi here.

Watch and read about the voter fraud investigation that has led to resignations and a criminal investigation into VA Rep Jim Moran’s son/campaign director.

THREE Denials for Help in Benghazi

Fox News has obtained information that confirms CIA operatives requested military backup 3 times during the terrorist attack in Benghazi, Libya on September 11, 2012.

According to Fox News Special Reporter Jennifer Griffin:

“They knew that the consulate was under fire and that the ambassador needed help. They were told to stand down twice.”

She explains that the small group of CIA operatives at the annex a few blocks south of the consulate then disregarded orders and made their way from the CIA annex to the consulate building. After searching unsuccessfully for the ambassador and making some “heroic efforts to rescue those who had survived,” they made their way back to the annex.

“At that point, another request for help, for military help, some sort of air cover, was made from the CIA annex but no help was sent.”

Shortly thereafter, another CIA team flew in from the capital city of Tripoli but were denied at the airport. According to Griffin’s report, there was “infighting” among Libyan officials on the ground about whether or not the team would be granted an escort to the compound.

Griffin continues, “According to sources on the ground during the Benghazi attack, they did have laser pointers on the mortar fire team, and that if Special Operations specter gun ships had been sent in, and some were on standby… that they could have prevented those mortars that struck the compound.”

Meanwhile back in D.C., a meeting was held at the Oval Office whose attendees included the President, Vice President and Secretary of Defense. That meeting was held at 5:00pm on the day of the attack, one hour AFTER the initial fire began.

There were 2 surveillance drones present during the 7 hour battle that could have been accessed by a number of US agencies.

Watch the Jennifer Griffin report
Hilary Clinton Assembles Legal Team
White House Knew
Bill tells Hillary to Resign

UPDATE: Criminal Investigation Launched in Rep Moran Voter Fraud Scandal

Virginia Congressman Jim Moran’s son and former campaign field director is now the subject of a criminal investigation, according to the Arlington County Police Department.

The investigation has been opened as a result of the James O’Keefe video released yesterday that exposes Patrick Moran aiding an undercover citizen journalist commit voter fraud, including suggesting that the journalist forge utility bills.

Details of the investigation are still forthcoming. No charges have been filed at this time.

To see the video that has the Congressman’s son out of a job, click here.

Houston Obama for America office closed & field director fired after James O’Keefe video investigation into voter fraud! Click here.

More than an isolated incident… OFA campaign staffers in MN laugh off double voting, video.

UPDATE: Moran’s Son Resigns After Caught on Tape


Virginia Congressman Jim Moran’s son has some explaining to do…

Citizen journalist James O’Keefe has been relentless in recent weeks exposing widespread apathy by campaign officials across the country. His first video in the current series featured an undercover investigative journalist receiving help from a DNC staffer at an Obama for America field office to double-vote which is a felony. That staffer has since been fired and the Houston OFA office has been closed.

O’Keefe’s second video features the story of a Minnesota woman who is currently registered to vote in two states despite attempts to be removed from the Florida rolls. It also exposes total apathy from the Hopkins, MN OFA field office staff when confronted with the idea of voting twice.

O’Keefe’s videos demonstrate the culture of cheating and the “win at all costs” mentality of many operatives in several states including Texas, Minnesota, New York and others.

This latest bombshell video involves more than low-level staffers and apathy toward fraud. The video released today via Project Veritas features Democrat Congressman Jim Moran’s son, who also serves as campaign field director, assisting an undercover journalist with forging utility bills, encouraging impersonation and aiding voter fraud to the tune of more than 100 voters on the rolls.

At one point in the video Moran says that forging a “bank statement would be tough, but you can forge a utility bill with ease.”

Patrick Moran resigned from his post within hours of the video’s release. No comment has been received from the congressman’s office.

Congressman Moran’s Son Implicated in Voter Fraud Investigation

UPDATE: PATRICK MORAN RESIGNS UPDATE II: Criminal Investigation Launched

James O’Keefe releases incredible bombshell video today exposing a sitting congressman’s son and campaign field director advising an undercover citizen journalist how to commit voter fraud via forged utility bills.

Warning: Foul language

This is the third Project Veritas video to expose how easy it is to commit voter fraud and also the campaign staffers, including President Obama’s campaign and DNC, encouraging voter fraud.

View the video exposing Organizing for America staffers and a woman registered to vote twice here.

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