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Exit polling and ballot returns indicate a tight race for Hillary and Trump

Taking in data over the weekend as many states end early voting, the electoral map has tightened to indicate that Tuesday night could come down to Nevada.

Everything in 2016 will hinge on turnout. Which candidate’s supporters are more enthusiastic will swing the vote. While polling and voting data are indicative, the final tally will come down to turnout.

Florida and North Carolina early return data keep those states leaning towards Donald Trump, but those two battleground states aren’t enough to deliver the White House to the billionaire candidate.

Nevada’s early ballot returns are showing a strong latino voter segment which has pushed the state from leaning Trump to toss-up in CDN”s electoral analysis.

Pennsylvania doesn’t have early voting so no data other than likely voter polling is available. Over the weekend, that data moved left so our electoral map shows PA as leaning Hillary.

New Hampshire also doesn’t have early voting so we’re stuck evaluating polling data which at the end of last week indicated that the state is leaning towards Trump.

With recent data taken into account, the map is almost exactly tied with Trump pulling in 264 electoral votes to Hillary’s 268. Nevada could be the real swing state in the 2016 election.

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