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Obama Disproves The Notion That Things Can’t Get Any Worse

The devious, anti-America schemes of the Obama administration have tentacles working undercover into every area of government and American society, undermining our lives, our nation and our homes, in keeping with Obama’s promise to “fundamentally transform America”.

Things in American life have only gotten incredibly worse under Obama’s rule, and this downward trend will continue long after Obama leaves office because he has imbedded the destructive, unconstitutional changes into executive orders, law and department policy and bent the opinion of the uninformed citizens among us to cause and permit this continuing destruction.

Obama proves that, no matter how bad things currently are, they can always get worse, and have done so each moment of his administration. The election of Hillary to the presidency would only further tilt the downward angle of this slippery slope, and our nation’s decline would occur more rapidly than is currently happening with Crooked, Grossly Negligent Hillary in the Oval Office.

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