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Deportation: “What, Me Worry?”

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  1. THANK YOU! THANK YOU! For this post! Far too many do not know or do not concern this MAJOR issue. Yet it affects each & every American directly or indirectly.
    These “CRIMINAL TRESPASSERS” (regardless of reasons) cost the United States (our country) 113 BILLION DOLLARS A YEAR !!! (F.A.I. R.)American Federation of Immigration Reform…..
    This does not include the staggering overcrowding of schools, hospital, jails NOR the destruction of property, human lives(murder) It excludes the deseases that are brought in unchecked.

    This ‘invasion’ endangers our existence as a Nation of any stature. There is NO form of ‘reform’ that will be effective until the Borders are Secured (for real & sans lies)


    • Thank you, Jan, for your comment. The truth is out there for all to see – if they will. But so far politics trumps reality.

      • “IF” a frog had a tail, it wouldn’t bump its butt….We, as a nation, have become ‘addicted’ to politics & political correctness.. The first step in overcoming this disease is to ADMIT we mistakes instead of repeating them. We have a big fat “0” in stewardship….and we have to ‘want’ recovery more than our weekly golf game or soccer match. We must want to ‘get well’

        SumKu,(circa 1500 philosopher ) had this to say ….”Value is determined by what you will fight for”…….I do believe we have enough boxing gloves to go around… Now all we have to do 🙂 is get people to put them on.

        To me, this great Country was a gift from our creator and to ‘throw it away’ is an insult beyond reproach.