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6 thoughts on “Glenn Beck Tells The G.O.P To Go To Hell

  1. Jerry T

    Mitch McConnell, now there is a guy who will strike terror in the heart of most tough guys. If he read anyone the riot act and did not get his ass handed back to him, then there in lies the truth about the GOP and Washington. Obama’s handlers have to be telling him to keep on doing what ever you like because these GOP guys all where skirts. If they had an honest set of balls they would have stopped that pussy mid sentence and told that senile old bastard who he works for. If we are ever going to save this country the people have to purge Washington of these diseased old men who sell their souls. When the wheels come off this train the media better find a hole to go crawl into and hide. I think that the people in general will be looking for a few people’s asses to answer for all this. This is why we are where we are today, Washington is chalk full of pussies. The old ones wear depends because they have to and the young ones wear them because they are afraid o step outside the box. When they do they get scolded and crap themselves. Not all of them, but most.

  2. Derrell Poole

    Let me declare in no uncertain terms – Mitch McConnell IS IS IS the TRAITOR.

    Kentucky. Please do us a favor as soon as possible -dump his ass!

    Now the bright side;

    “Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?” Gal. 4:16

    Ted Cruz and Mike Lee – perhaps the two witnesses in Revelations? – are certainly reveling in this Self-Evident Truth, that the more right (of the truth) you are the more you are hated. I’m certain they came out of that meeting elated! What an endorsement of their excellent work.

    McConnell and Senator X must be scared s–tless! At the very least they are wusses in fear of the propaganda that will destroy their stupid little dynasties as Elitist DC Stalactites! Fools! We the People are Bigger and Smarter than the Leftist Media!

    KEEP IT UP GUYS…! (oh, I mean all of them!)

  3. wildriver

    …”According to Glenn’s info, there are traitors in the ranks of the Republican party, “…

    If only the republican base can bring themselves to believe it.

    1. Chris Vaca Post author

      It seems that the Republicans have become soft, they think that they have to be moderate to win when they need to be more conservative. Will they wake-up, I don’t know.

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