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Glenn Beck Tells The G.O.P To Go To Hell

It seems that our old buddy Glenn Beck has inside information about what is going on in the meetings the GOP are holding. According to Glenn’s info, there are traitors in the ranks of the Republican party, here is the full transcript from Glenn’s radio show. Believe it or not.

“There was a meeting that happened last week where the GOP senators were called in. There were no aides. There were no staff members. This was just senators,” Glenn said. “Well, yesterday, as we’re going through all of this, somebody in my office gets a phone call from a guy who is not on our usual list of friends. A guy who, if I gave you this name, you would say, ‘Well, he’s not on our side.’ He’s not like John McCain, but he’s not necessarily somebody you think of as on your side. This guy is just disgusted by what happened and is one of those guys who was sitting in this meeting not saying anything but watching everybody and realizing… I think my friends are not friends of the republic, not friends of freedom of speech.”

Stu quickly questioned the credibility of the mole, for Glenn openly described the source as someone who would not typically be considered a friend of the conservative movement.

“I was concerned when you described this person to me that you may be being fed false information or potentially information that’s not completely accurate,” Stu said. “But you don’t need to go through the process of how you tried to verify this information, but I believe it was a process that holds some credibility.”

So what prompted the tongue lashing?

“[The source] said [Senators Mike Lee and Ted Cruz] were dressed down in a meeting and torn apart and humiliated. Let me give you the specific name and what was said now by one senator. And there were two that were the ringleaders, so far I only have the name of one. But I believe I will have the name of the other hopefully by the end of the day,” Glenn explained. “Here is what happened. As they are all standing in there, they are told in not so many words that they are on the wrong side, that these people have been here for a very long time and you new senators come in and you think you know it all. And if anyone is working with the Senate Conservatives Fund or Freedom Works, you’re a traitor.”

“Was that the actual word used,” Pat interjected.

“The actual word was not ‘traitor,’” Glenn clarified. “[The source] couldn’t remember the actual word they said but that’s what everybody heard. And that’s what set this guy off because he was like, ‘Yeah, you put them in their place.’ And then when he heard the word – and he doesn’t remember what it was – but he translated it as ‘traitor’ and he was like, ‘Whoa, that’s a little strong.’”

“The one who wanted everybody to know that you’re a traitor, his name is Senator Mitch McConnell. Mitch McConnell is coming out on television and being all pieeyed happyfaced, but Mitch McConnell is a ruthless, ruthless authoritarian leader of the GOP,” Glenn continued. “So what I want to bring you is a message today, the same message I brought you last week and that is it’s time to defund the GOP. We’ve tried to play nice. We tried to coerce, we’ve tried to, in a nice way, we’ve tried to bring them along, we’ve tried to give them the benefit of the doubt, we’ve tried to do all of those things. They have announced themselves as superior. They have announced themselves as knowing more than what the people know.”

It is time to put these guys out of business. The politicians on the right and left who do not stand for the Constitution, who do not respect the Constitution, need to be put in their place. Instead of supporting candidates through the Republican National Committee, support Freedom Works and the Senate Conservatives Fund, who are working directly with the candidates that share your values.

“These guys just did something that hasn’t been done, I’ll bet you this hasn’t been done in my lifetime. They just called all the senators in and they threatened them. And they actually said, ‘If you have a differing opinion than mine, if you believe in the Constitution of the United States, you’re an enemy.’ That’s remarkable,” Glenn said. “They’re terrified of you. As I have said before, you’re about to win. Let’s put them out of business. Everybody says, ‘What can I do? ‘ If you have any money and you’re thinking about contributing to an election and you don’t know who to give, make the commitment right now: Not a dime to the GOP.”

“The first name of the senator that dressed them down is Mitch McConnell, a disgrace. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll give you the name of the second senator,” he continued. “Mitch McConnell. Isn’t he running again? That should be interesting.”

EDITOR’S NOTE: Please note the headline of this article has been changed to reflect that Sen. Mitch McConnell did not atually use the word “traitor” when referring to supporters of FreedomWorks and the Senate Conservatives Fund. Glenn’s source, however, described the tone of Sen. McConnell’s remarks during the meeting in that way.

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  1. …”According to Glenn’s info, there are traitors in the ranks of the Republican party, “…

    If only the republican base can bring themselves to believe it.

    1. It seems that the Republicans have become soft, they think that they have to be moderate to win when they need to be more conservative. Will they wake-up, I don’t know.

  2. Let me declare in no uncertain terms – Mitch McConnell IS IS IS the TRAITOR.

    Kentucky. Please do us a favor as soon as possible -dump his ass!

    Now the bright side;

    “Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?” Gal. 4:16

    Ted Cruz and Mike Lee – perhaps the two witnesses in Revelations? – are certainly reveling in this Self-Evident Truth, that the more right (of the truth) you are the more you are hated. I’m certain they came out of that meeting elated! What an endorsement of their excellent work.

    McConnell and Senator X must be scared s–tless! At the very least they are wusses in fear of the propaganda that will destroy their stupid little dynasties as Elitist DC Stalactites! Fools! We the People are Bigger and Smarter than the Leftist Media!

    KEEP IT UP GUYS…! (oh, I mean all of them!)

  3. Mitch McConnell, now there is a guy who will strike terror in the heart of most tough guys. If he read anyone the riot act and did not get his ass handed back to him, then there in lies the truth about the GOP and Washington. Obama’s handlers have to be telling him to keep on doing what ever you like because these GOP guys all where skirts. If they had an honest set of balls they would have stopped that pussy mid sentence and told that senile old bastard who he works for. If we are ever going to save this country the people have to purge Washington of these diseased old men who sell their souls. When the wheels come off this train the media better find a hole to go crawl into and hide. I think that the people in general will be looking for a few people’s asses to answer for all this. This is why we are where we are today, Washington is chalk full of pussies. The old ones wear depends because they have to and the young ones wear them because they are afraid o step outside the box. When they do they get scolded and crap themselves. Not all of them, but most.

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