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4 thoughts on “The Benghazi Hearings: A Bipartisan Whitewash

  1. Florence

    My question is, the so called drones they mentioned in the beginning of this horrible murder, exactly HOW were they used? They CLAIM they were un-armed, but, with Obama’s new “I can kill any American that I deem necessary to keep this Country safe…” I just wonder about the Benghazi Americans…..just wondering…

  2. Louis Blasiotti

    The Naval Air Facility at Sigonella, Sicily is less than two hours away. There are one or two more ship in the Mediterran now than there were last winter. We need to demand an explanation. There should be a CITIZEN INVESTIGATION, possibly several law suits. It is up to the people to demand the truth and to hold these people accountable to WE THE PEOPLE, since our congress people are negligent and don’t seem to give a hoot. The Tea Party should demand an investigation. We have let these characters in government get away with too much deceit for two long. How long is too long? Going back to WWII they were deceiving the people. It seems to have become a HABIT to deceive the citizenry. We the people must put an end to their idea that they can give us a cock and bull story every time it pleases them. Stand up and be counted. Exercise your God given rights as a free person and let them know that We are not going to stand for their lies and deception any longer and that they work for us, the people and not the reverse. Wake up America it is your country, it is your responsibility as a citizen to demand honest government.

    1. Bob Russell Post author

      Louis, that is the point of this article. I sent it to both senators and my congressman, not that they will care but I sent it anyway. I hope you and everyone else who reads it will do the same. I am demanding answers of them and need thousands of others to do the same. I also sent a link to about 50 people on my e-mails list. One lady sent it to about 100 on her personal e-mail list. That is how those scum in Washington find out we are watching and we care. Share this link with everyone you know, post it on facebook and anywhere else you belong. Encourage them to send it to their representatives in Washington.

  3. my911

    The idea that we could not intervene in an attack that lasted for 7 hours is beyond preposterous..AMEN!
    ….PLUS….who could know at the 30 minute mark how long it would last.
    I want to know…
    * Did Obama or did he NOT issue orders do
    what is needed?…. Really!
    * Where was Obama during the attack?
    * surely the President’s log can answer!
    * Did anybody get any request from anybody to
    rescue the poor dead?
    This is NOT rocket science… just simple questions.

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