Conservatives and Tea Party Win White House With Electoral College Reform

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  • Hey, look, rigging an election so that people who live in urban centers have their vocal chords removed at the polls. Go apartheid!

  • Kevin, this is an area that has remained a dark shade of gray through out many many election cycles. Still, I have clearly known that the imbalance of population offsets a full reprensation.

    Does the Govenor or State legislator have the power to act for a change in electorial votes?

    Life may not be fair, but elections should be…appreciate your attention

  • My God the absurdity of that article is truly amazing. It just boggles the mind how Orwellian it is. First of all rigging the system is NOT reform. But that’s just the beginning, the phrase that really sticks out there, as if laughing in the face of common sense, is “returned to the voters” BULLSHIT! It’s already been shown that if this system had been in place during the 2012 the guy who LOST the popular vote would be President. Barack Obama won the popular vote by five million. How in God’s name does rigging the election so that the LOSER of the popular vote wins the white house come anywhere near reform or returning anything at all to the people? IT DOESN’T!

    • And now mmmjv gets it. We are not a democracy. We are a republic. That means that all “groups” get represented not just each man.

      The problem with populist democracies is that a concentration of people then makes outcasts of those that don’t live the same way, think the same way or want the same leadership. Look at the disaster the Occupy Wall Street dopes dealt with when they decided that drummers weren’t important anymore. Pure democracy has its issues.

      Currently, city-dwellers get an unfair voice in American elections. Because they like living in crowded, smelly, crime-infested cities – those that would raise crops, herd cattle or otherwise preserve wilderness have a lesser voice.

      If you don’t want to consider the article on an intellectual level, fine – stay emotional.

      But in no way is it Orwellian.. you’ve read at least one of his books.. haven’t you?

    • mmmjv,

      you need to substantiate your claims; where are you getting this “5 million” margin? There is a pretty clear indication that Obie “bought” many of his votes. He “owes” the Unions? What could he possible mean by that? He is alleged to have “given” away cell phones to encourage voter registration? What else did he do (illegal aliens?) to buy his re-election?

      What about all the people who didn’t vote because they have resigned to the belief that their votes just doesn’t count? Think that 5,000,000 would still stand had They bothered to vote? What if the system was reformed to reflect the empowerment of the individual – you know – the primary benefactor of the Constitution?

      Common Sense? What the heck is that?! Like everything else with the Federal Government our Election system is a complex bag of twists and tricks. Common sense is an oxi-moron to Federal Government! Yet understanding it both paramount and beyond reach!! That is no accident. The Federal Government has grown impossibly complex when in truth the Constitution intended for it to be very simple and easy to control! That is the fundamental strategy of the Socialist Left to destroy our control over the Federal Government. They “own” all the tools to do that. They control the Education System (and put stupid people on the street everyday), our pay checks (before we ever see them), and now, it seems, our health care. Maybe the Electoral College was a good idea at the time but self-serving conniving greedy politicians have corrupted it as usual! As far as I’m concerned the votes are already rigged against the individual! There is no common sense! And your measly 5Mil would be soundly offset by a true one to one popular vote. How is Election reform going to make it any less fair?

      We are being sold down the river to a one party system. It’s all rigged! All ready!