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Conservatives and Tea Party Win White House With Electoral College Reform

Electoral College Reform would have given America a Better Election Day Result For the Nation
Electoral College Reform would have given America a Better Election Day Result For the Nation

Presidents’ Day is nearing and conservatives will have something to celebrate four years from now when the Electoral College is returned to the voters.

Currently, there is a movement in motion in several key presidential electoral battle ground states to return constitutional selection of the president to the voters by using congressional district selection of Electoral College electors. This move would even the playing field in presidential campaigns, to be more reflective of the true will of the people of a state, instead of voters being held hostage by the large urban population centers.

Large urban centers typically out vote the majority of congressional district by stealing votes in cities like Detroit, Cleveland, Philadelphia and Chicago. This results in state winner-take all electoral votes swinging unfairly and even illegally to a candidate like Barack Obama. In 2008 and 2012, Obama’s Chicago-style thuggish election machine worked to intimidate, manipulate and otherwise steal a presidential election in dozens of precincts in urban areas with impunity.

This process has created a false narrative that America has chosen a left-leaning socialist agenda that gives permission for citizens to be stripped of their Second Amendment gun rights, or states being forced to stand down against illegal aliens taking their health care, jobs and now their rights.

The solution has been clear for many years, and states like Nevada and Maine have already set the pathway toward a more balanced true representation of a state. They have initiated congressional district selection of presidential electors. In these states citizens can select their presidential candidate of choice, without being held hostage to the will of another congressional district or districts.

Currently, there are several states that have launched efforts to create a more fair and balanced Electoral College initiative. Michigan, Virginia, Ohio and Florida are some that are entertaining the idea. Yet their governors are showing timidity in fully embracing this patriotic concept.

Michigan’s governor, Rick Snyder who is up for re-election in 2014, had previously suggested his consideration for the move for voting fairness. Now, according to TPM, he is backing away.

If Snyder and a few other Republican governors are appearing weak in the knees about restoring electoral power to the state voters, this is probably the best time to know this. It gives the conservatives, the Tea Party and other like-minded voters the opportunity to put them on notice: No support for voter rights – No re-election!

Why is this crucial? Think about how the presidential election would have been turned on its head. Obama would have been shown the White House door, if the will of the people had been truly expressed by each congressional district!

In Virginia, Mitt Romney would have beaten Obama 2 to 1, with Romney picky up 9 electoral votes to Obama’s 4 electoral votes. A similar result would have occurred in Ohio, and other key battle ground states. Obama would have had his lease terminated by the true representative vote of America.

In a Romney administration, there would be discussion about creating jobs and improving the economy and cutting the massive 16 plus trillion national debt. Instead, America is subjected to Obama stripping gun rights, state’s rights and giving illegal aliens citizenship rights!

Conservatives have to stop playing defense against a president and a mainstream media that continues to stack the political deck against them. Stop playing by their rules and begin organizing around the strengths that are part and parcel to Americans.

Americans win every time when the issues which are local to them and important to their life and their family are dealt with and are advocated. First turn off the mainstream media news and turn onto your own social media networks and outlets. Identify those governors that are trying to walk the fence and who refuse to stand up to the reactionary liberals and mainstream media brainwashing.

Your congressional district is your turf. Your state house and senate seats and elected officials represent you, and not CBS, ABC, NBC or any other alphabet soup media outlet. Lastly, and most importantly, Obama has no say in your matters and his interest and his executive edicts have no legitimacy in your local lives.

Tea Party Patriots, can make a difference even larger and with far more impact in 2014 than 2010. This fight to reclaim America is more than just winning a majority in the House of Representatives in Congress! This electoral fight is to win back an election process that will strip the liberal elite and its mainstream media cohorts of the power to steal a presidential election.

For those in Florida, put pressure on the governor’s office and the Speaker of the House Will Weatherford, who is voicing opposition. In Wisconsin, give Governor Scott Walker (R) the support he needs as well as Pennsylvania’s Governor Tom Corbett (R).

On President’s Day let this be a true celebration of the will of the American people. Let the voices of patriotism and be heard by voters who are no longer willing to witness or permit the undoing of the citizen’s constitutional rights.

Send direct messages to all the socialist-minded candidates like Obama who are oiling up their presidential election campaign machinery for 2016 – You’ve been served!

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Republicans Push For Electoral College Reform

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Kevin Fobbs

Kevin Fobbs is the former Community Concerns columnist for 12 years with The Detroit News covering community, family relations, domestic abuse, education, government relations, education, and dispute resolution. He has written for "Michigan Chronicle," “GOPUSA”, Fobbs was government and civic affairs director for SoulSource, a Christian news magazine, and host of The Kevin Fobbs Show www.kevinfobbs.com. He has written as the Christian and Culture examiner for Ann Arbor Examiner: https://www.examiner.com/x-33782-Ann-Arbor-Christianity--Culture-Examiner, and Ann Arbor and Cleveland Conservative Examiner: https://www.examiner.com/conservative-in-ann-arbor/kevin-fobbs His weekly faith-based Hearken The Watchmen column provides insight and answers on family, faith, and how to arrive at faith-based solutions to life challenges. His e-How articles range from, legal, health and education to electronic and culture and entertainment as well as home and business. Served 12 year as a gubernatorial appointee for Michigan’s Wayne County Social Services Board. He worked primarily on parenting and early childhood educational policy, domestic violence, family and children protection policy concerns. Developed programs to help parents develop healthy coping skills in the raising of their children. Was extensively involved in developing parental and child, family support networks at the local, county, and federal level. Kevin Fobbs has more than 35 years of wide-ranging experience as a community and tenant organizer, Legal Services outreach program director, public relations consultant, business executive, gubernatorial and presidential appointee, political advisor, writer, and national lecturer. He has been in the forefront of communications initiatives; devised and implemented strategies to win political and public support for client public policy issues and positions; directed electoral campaigns; and spearheaded as well as managed state and regional referendum, electoral, White House Initiatives, including Education, Social Security, Welfare Reform. Faith-Based Initiatives and many others. Kevin is co-chair and co-founder of AC-3 (American-Canadian Conservative Coalition) that focuses on issues on both sides of the border between the two countries. The American – Canadian Conservative Coalition (AC3) is a joint effort by grassroots Americans and Canadians to share information, issues, and policies that affect us individually and jointly. AC3 members are politically conservative and share the ideals of self-sufficiency, fair business competition, strong families, and joint homeland security. Above all, we believe in the right to freely exercise our chosen religion based on the principles that recognize the supremacy of God and the rule of law outlined in the founding documents of our country.

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  1. My God the absurdity of that article is truly amazing. It just boggles the mind how Orwellian it is. First of all rigging the system is NOT reform. But that’s just the beginning, the phrase that really sticks out there, as if laughing in the face of common sense, is “returned to the voters” BULLSHIT! It’s already been shown that if this system had been in place during the 2012 the guy who LOST the popular vote would be President. Barack Obama won the popular vote by five million. How in God’s name does rigging the election so that the LOSER of the popular vote wins the white house come anywhere near reform or returning anything at all to the people? IT DOESN’T!

    1. And now mmmjv gets it. We are not a democracy. We are a republic. That means that all “groups” get represented not just each man.

      The problem with populist democracies is that a concentration of people then makes outcasts of those that don’t live the same way, think the same way or want the same leadership. Look at the disaster the Occupy Wall Street dopes dealt with when they decided that drummers weren’t important anymore. Pure democracy has its issues.

      Currently, city-dwellers get an unfair voice in American elections. Because they like living in crowded, smelly, crime-infested cities – those that would raise crops, herd cattle or otherwise preserve wilderness have a lesser voice.

      If you don’t want to consider the article on an intellectual level, fine – stay emotional.

      But in no way is it Orwellian.. you’ve read at least one of his books.. haven’t you?

    2. mmmjv,

      you need to substantiate your claims; where are you getting this “5 million” margin? There is a pretty clear indication that Obie “bought” many of his votes. He “owes” the Unions? What could he possible mean by that? He is alleged to have “given” away cell phones to encourage voter registration? What else did he do (illegal aliens?) to buy his re-election?

      What about all the people who didn’t vote because they have resigned to the belief that their votes just doesn’t count? Think that 5,000,000 would still stand had They bothered to vote? What if the system was reformed to reflect the empowerment of the individual – you know – the primary benefactor of the Constitution?

      Common Sense? What the heck is that?! Like everything else with the Federal Government our Election system is a complex bag of twists and tricks. Common sense is an oxi-moron to Federal Government! Yet understanding it both paramount and beyond reach!! That is no accident. The Federal Government has grown impossibly complex when in truth the Constitution intended for it to be very simple and easy to control! That is the fundamental strategy of the Socialist Left to destroy our control over the Federal Government. They “own” all the tools to do that. They control the Education System (and put stupid people on the street everyday), our pay checks (before we ever see them), and now, it seems, our health care. Maybe the Electoral College was a good idea at the time but self-serving conniving greedy politicians have corrupted it as usual! As far as I’m concerned the votes are already rigged against the individual! There is no common sense! And your measly 5Mil would be soundly offset by a true one to one popular vote. How is Election reform going to make it any less fair?

      We are being sold down the river to a one party system. It’s all rigged! All ready!

  2. Kevin, this is an area that has remained a dark shade of gray through out many many election cycles. Still, I have clearly known that the imbalance of population offsets a full reprensation.

    Does the Govenor or State legislator have the power to act for a change in electorial votes?

    Life may not be fair, but elections should be…appreciate your attention

  3. Hey, look, rigging an election so that people who live in urban centers have their vocal chords removed at the polls. Go apartheid!

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