Speaker Boehner – What Are You Doing Up There?

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  • Leaders lead and tyrants rule, unfortunately Boehner is neither. The Republican leadership has proven again the the best predictor of the future is the past. Obama knows that the House leadership will cave to all his demands as they have done numerous times, all he needs to do is wait them out. Boehner is a lot like Obama, as he blames others for his failures. Boehner’s fear of the MSM supersedes his duty to the country and the oath of office he swore to. People with principles are not welcome in the Party of the spineless.

  • Being in charge doesn’t always mean being a leader. Boehner is not a leader…but he’s ours, folks. So let him sit in the chair & let someone else hold the reins…there are times when a good employ can come up with a good idea, but let the boss think it’s his. Perhaps that would help this “go along , get along fellow…either that or replace him, this isn’t a lifelong assignment. Just ask Gingrich