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12 thoughts on “Branco Cartoon – Our Culture

  1. nani nunu

    Talk to people that work as therapists in mental health clinics and you will find lots of people/therapists/counselors who would like to ban violent video games.

    1. A.F. Branco Post author

      Thank you Nani… I’m sure there is.. I think if they are looking for a “real” cause, that should be one of the paces to look. Not just look at banning guns, that wouldn’t be a solution. But then again, real solutions aren’t what the left is interested in,,, Only their agenda.

  2. Guy

    Instead of banning guns, we should ban gun based video games. That makes perfect sense.

    1. A.F.Branco

      Nobody said anything about banning video games, but our problems run much deeper than the knee jerk reaction of the left to ban guns.

  3. Jan Brown

    again *****(all gold) Question: how do we teach ‘parenting”?

    1. clayusmcret

      A.F., spot on. Thanks for so clearly pointing this out.

    1. dink

      all i see is a bunch of white people. the word racist has dissolved.

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