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Out of the Mouths of (Political) Babes

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  1. That’s very well written for a 5th grader (although a little hyperbolic for my tastes). You should be very proud.

    One thing I would mention to your daughter is that Romney is fine with class sizes ballooning well past the point where you as a teacher/parent and your daughter as a student should be comfortable. I know you probably spend time at home going over your daughter’s work with her, but most students don’t have the benefit of an at-home teacher. I would suggest that part of the expectation of getting people back to work and working, or simply breaking a cycle of poverty, is that they do have access to a quality education and that seems to be something that Mr. Romney has given very little thought to.

    Anyhow, while I don’t agree with your daughter’s logic, her essay was very clear and mature. Thank you for sharing!