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One thought on “One Last Word to the Troops Before the Election

  1. Jan Brown

    “VOTE FOR LOVE OF COUNTRY” is probably one of the best lines delivered by Mitt Romney…because, excluding this administration, we do love our beautiful country. We know a vote for ‘our country’ is a vote for ourselves & generations to come and not for ‘just a man.’….Obama’s “vote for revenge” challanges/defies/denies his proclaimed Christian faith becaues “Vengence is Mine” said the Lord. I fear many will see that voting for a 3rd party (Gary Johnson) will somehow leave them more ‘clean’ & above the fray. Just the opposite is true. Remember the old adage “don’t cut off you nose to spite your face. it just makes you ugly?” Please, please, PUT OUR COUNTRY FIRST!! Let your ego step back & work for ALL of us that have & are willing to fight for & with you. We’ve been bombarded with volley after volley of corruption & mis-deeds,we are battle fatigued. This is a lull that can be used to regroup & organize to find a candidate that truly reflects with pride the Libertarian Pary & make it revelant. UNITED we stand, divided we fall…..”VOTE FOR LOVE OF COUNTRY’ Our Country….

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