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Chris Matthews; Is He A Closet Racist?

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  1. I wish sometimes Chris Matthews would allow his quess to finishes their thought before interruption. Relize of course politicos will go on and on with there speaking points and often it’s necessary to interrupt. The host must keep the show moving and relevant most critcal watchers already Know the talking points. Often what matters is which priorites matter most. However I,m often leary of anyone that see one side of an augument only,

  2. Chris, He absolutely is not in the closet unless that closet door is glass or wide open. Remember when ‘racist’ was a slur & now is becoming a badge of honor for anyone speaking the truth? Bet this is one ‘change’ that wasn’t on the list

    • I agree Jan, Truth and facts hurt Liberals, they have no leg to stand on so they have to attack. I love when a Liberal calls me a racist, that’s how I know I am right. “The truth hurts” (Liberals)

  3. I am with you Chris, I think Matthews is weasel, I don’t think he would know the truth if it sat on his lap.