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Chris Matthews; Is He A Closet Racist?

I am sure you are all familiar with Chris Matthews, the clown they have doing a show on that Liberal network MSNBC. In case you do not remember, he was the one who said that he got a thrill up his leg whenever he heard Obama speak during the 2008 election, I guess he has some kind of man crush on Obama. I don’t like the guy, I think he is an idiot, but I tune in to his show maybe 2 – 3 times a month, whenever I need a good chuckle, which I am sure that a majority of the 900 people who watch his show everyday do as well.

There is one thing that I have noticed, every time I tune in; he is always talking about race. He is either calling someone a racist, or calling some group racist. I think that MSNBC really should change the name of his show; it should be called, The Chris Matthews Racist Hour. The theme should be; Watch Chris Matthews seek out racism, where none exists. I mean this guy is truly off his rocker, this guy comes up with new words every week that he says are racist, such as;

Angry, Chicago, Constitution, Experienced, Golf, Food stamps, Holding Down the Fort, Kitchen Cabinet, Obamacare, Privileged, Professor, You people, Black mark, these are just the latest, I am sure there are more to follow. How these words are racist, I just don’t know, leave it to Liberals, but when Joe Biden told a black audience that the Republicans are going to put “ya all” back in chains, that’s not racist? I must be missing something.

I have come to the conclusion, that Liberals have nothing else to fall back on. All of their policies are failed policies, so they figure by demonizing people who disagree with them, it will shut them up, and there will be no opposition. Ann Coulter said it best; “There are only two groups of people who are   obsessed with race in this country, Skin Heads and Liberals.” Boy, is she ever right. The only time you hear the word racist, is when some Liberal is spewing it out of their mouths. To be fair, it is not only Chris Matthews that constantly brings up the subject, just tune in any show on MSNBC, or NBC and you will hear the same thing.

With only 18% of the country considering themselves Liberal, you have to wonder how many people actually watch those shows; I think I might have been a little generous with the 900 people I mentioned earlier. I am going to be mean here, but I think Chris Matthews is an idiot and if he is an idiot, I can only surmise that the people who watch him on a daily basis are idiots as well, especially if they are looking for the truth. How someone can sit there day after day and listen to the crap that comes out of his mouth, is beyond me.

Thank God, we live in America where we allow all opinions to be expressed, no matter how idiotic they may be. Unlike Liberals, I am one of those people who understand we have an off button on our T.V’s and radio’s and I use it. When a Liberal hears something they do not like, they automatically go into attack mode, they want that show taken off the air, also they wage war on the sponsors for advertising on that show. What I find amusing, is that the Liberals hold themselves up as the tolerant people, who believe in the First Amendment. However, we all know that Liberals believe in free speech only if it is their speech, everyone else must be silenced.

What I now do when a Liberal calls me a racist, (and they do call me one) I just say “Thank you very much.” In addition, I will continue to use words such as Angry, Chicago, Constitution, Experienced, Golf, Food stamps, Holding Down the Fort, Kitchen Cabinet, Obamacare, Privileged, Professor, You people, Black mark, and any other word that the Liberals deem racist, just so I can get under their skin. There is an old strategy, if you accuse someone as being something that they are not, but you are, the spotlight will be off the one who is doing the accusing. It just happens to be a Socialist tactic.

Say Kitchen Cabinet and annoy a Liberal today.


This is one man’s opinion.






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  1. I am with you Chris, I think Matthews is weasel, I don’t think he would know the truth if it sat on his lap.

  2. Chris, He absolutely is not in the closet unless that closet door is glass or wide open. Remember when ‘racist’ was a slur & now is becoming a badge of honor for anyone speaking the truth? Bet this is one ‘change’ that wasn’t on the list

    1. I agree Jan, Truth and facts hurt Liberals, they have no leg to stand on so they have to attack. I love when a Liberal calls me a racist, that’s how I know I am right. “The truth hurts” (Liberals)

  3. I wish sometimes Chris Matthews would allow his quess to finishes their thought before interruption. Relize of course politicos will go on and on with there speaking points and often it’s necessary to interrupt. The host must keep the show moving and relevant most critcal watchers already Know the talking points. Often what matters is which priorites matter most. However I,m often leary of anyone that see one side of an augument only,

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