Come-On America, Free Phones

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  • Now this is the 47% Romney was talking about. You’re so right, Jerry, & that day will come. Every thing has a price, Sadly all these freebies/entitlements are being paid for, not only by taxpayers. also by them!! Only when they get doused by reallity will this level of thinking start to change, Only when they see the ‘free’ in freedom is gone & only ‘dom’ as in domination is left & they have returned to slavery. This ‘feel good’ movenment started in the 70’s & the bodies just keep stacking up. Laziness seems to be synomnous with entitlement.
    Chris, never would’ve taken you for a New Yorker! Let’s keep the prayer candles lit & off the rug…no wait a minute…leave them there, maybe all these rugs will get burned up…

    • Jan, I was born and raised in the great city of New York. Your comment is right on target, everything does have a price.

  • Wait until people find out that free does not mean free.