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Why Mitt Romney Is So Despicable!

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  1. Are you kidding me? People today wanna believe and will take all the political babble and come to a decision that this guy or that guy is gonna fix this mess.Wake up!The system is broken,the Federal Reserve owns America,Capital Hill,Homeland Security,C.I.A.,Banks,Wall Street,There Running this Country!Don’t even get me started on Congress.Though it’s wishful thinking that 1 guy is gonna fix all this it’s unrealistic,there hands in a way are tied to the corporate America we have sadly become.Just because Romney has a good moral fiber does not mean he’s gonna do any better then the guy that’s in there now.Is this a negative mentality or am I being a realist? As I gave a name to myself..YOU GOTTA BE KIDDING ME>

    • Well, golly, I’m not quite sure which you are. Let’s consider this; We know what deception & economical decline we’ve experienced while our Constitution has been shredded under this current occupant of the office…Keeping in mind that Romney wasn’t ‘my’ choice, the majority of Republicans said he was. I figure that at the very least, he doesn’t hate this country & in contrast, he does not believe it’s a one man job….& it’s not an overnite job. Without STEWARDSHIP from those like you & I, nothing will be ‘fixed’ With your help we can move in that direction….Attitudes are contagious…which will you help spread?

      I agree, not nearly enough time to start on the hallowed halls of Congress!

  2. Guess it’s the ‘prespective’thing, you know the ones Obamanics ‘tell’ us we’re supposed to have. To be perfectly honest, my legs are too long & my brain to big to squeeze into the boxes dem Dems try to put me in. I’m starting to believe that the 1st primer wee librals are given says “put conservatives into little boxes so they, like you, can’t think for themselves’ Bless their lil hearts, they try.
    Guess the hokes on them…I noticed that Romney didn’t even have to buy kegs of beer to draw large crowds like B.O. did when he 1st ran..(& he thought Germans came to see him !!lol) Bookdoc is right, they will do anything to get re-elected. My money is on the good looking, well mannered one with self made weaatlth & business savy.!

  3. I am old enough to remember what the press had to say about the last RR-everything from divorced to senile. Common sense would tell you to look at the crowd sizes and forget the polls. The lsm will do everything in their power to get obozo re-elected as he is their product. I sincerely hope they have lost their influence enough by November.