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105 In The Shade And Standing In Chick-fil-A Line

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  1. I think averyone should go again on Friday just to confuse the other protestors.

    • I think that’s a good idea. We’re thinking breakfast sounds good.

      • Enjoy your breakfast. If you would like to make a matching donation to a group that works to legalize gay marriage here is a list:
        The Southern Poverty Law Center
        American Foundation for Equal Rights
        Americans for Democratic Action
        Amnesty International
        Center for American Progress
        Human Rights Campaign
        Human Rights Watch
        Freedom to Marry
        Marriage Equality USA
        National Organization for Women
        Planned Parenthood
        Parents, Family, and Friends of Lesbians and Gays
        People for the American Way

        If you want to only contribute to a Christian organization, these churches support gay rights, especially the right to marry.
        The Episcopal Church of the United States
        United Church of Christ
        Liberal Quakers

        If you are Jewish, these groups also work to legalize gay marriage
        Conservative Judaism
        Reconstructionist Judaism
        Reform Judaism

        I know you are only going to Chick Fil A to support a company you like for the food, not their backwards and rather hateful attitude towards homosexuals.

        I love Chick Fil A’s peppermint milkshake that they come out with at Christmastime. It is incredible.

        • Thank you John for your comments and for sharing the list. Perhaps there are some who read this post and would be interested in contributing to your cause.

  2. Kathy,
    When a company donates money to intentionally cause another group pain it is not something that should be brushed off. When that company makes the claim they are doing it because of Jesus, that makes them repugnant. I’m pretty sure if someone has a problem with gay people getting married it doesn’t have anything to do with Christianity, it’s more to do with that individual thinking homosexuality is gross, and they don’t want cooties. Which is fine. But justifying that feeling with Christianity is really not what Christianity is for. I will continue going to Chick Fil A, because they employ a lot of people, and they do things that actually reflect Christianity (like treat their employees with respect), but I will also give a matching donation to a group that promotes gay marriage.

  3. Local paper’s comment?

    “People lined up at the York restaurant today to show their support and to protest comments made by Mr Cathy…
    THERE WAS NOT ONE protestor, not one political shirt or sign- just hundreds of folks enjoying a crispy chicken with a tangy pickle sandwich.

    The media, even in York , Pennsylvania, simply cannotSTAND that we love God and chicken!!! And that we are willing to what in line to show our support fort a company assaulted by hideous lies and hateful claims…by the left. I have 2 lesbian friends who want to join me for the kiss-in own Friday- to eat sandwiches, NOT to protest free speech, freedom of religion or anything else!

    • Thanks for your update Kathy. At first it seemed all the stories were coming from Chick-fil-A’s homeland in the south. Good to see that this appreciation day spread across the country.
      We had one restaurant locally that ran out of food at 3pm and people still stood in line to buy drinks just to show their support. I was impressed. I had some friends who were going to the restaurant Weds as a show of their Christian faith and others who were very concerned about the free speech aspect. I think these two groups combined will be a force to be reckoned with in November.