Positive economic news masks worsening crisis

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  • Excellent truth-telling here Cameron. I especially like this line: “Basically, every level of American government and society is in the red.”

    Truer words have rarely been spoken. One addition to your information here , IMO, would be the Feds printing of endless money, also known as quantitative easing, or QE1 and QE2. The end result od those irresponsible actions will be hyper-inflation. It is already here in the form of fuel prices and at the grocery store.

    I would like to provide one good example of this, one that is really not being spoken about enough: Yesterday I purchased Ground Chuck (85% lean ground beef) at a whopping 3.69 a pound here in Florida.
    ( on sale) I thought what is going on here or am I just imagining that I had bought it for 1.69 less than two years ago. Low and behold, I found an old receipt and sure enough it was $1.69 a pound during the summer of 2010. The media covers this up in many nasty ways, (along with the government who says there is little to no inflation today) some “reporters” love to say beef is up only 13% this year. The key word would be since when? The beginning of THIS YEAR? That’s only two months.Now if they told people that beef is up a whopping 120% since 2010, maybe they would start paying attention to inflation and the truth.

    Truth-telling is making a comeback in America. Will it be in time to wake up the people as to what has really transpired under Barack Obama and his fake democrats? Time will tell.That time will come on Nov. 6th 2012, when people will either vote him out of office or suffer serious consequences.