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0 thoughts on “Tim Tebow Does it Again, and So Does Mainstream Media

  1. Bob

    Merry Christmas & may God bless! Do the other teams lose because they’re not as good Christians? Or does Mr Tebow’s “look at me” antics put him right with our Creator? To me he is an unseemly attention-grabber, capitalizing on God to make a fortune. He should be ashamed of himself.

    1. Brian

      The premise of the article was that the media highlights Christianity to knock it. He is not doing it for attention.

      I get the feeling that you believe media is an acceptable integration into our society. I’m hopefully describing how they are doing disservice.

      He beats others because he believes in himself and he brings out the best in others…and Christianity gives him that faith. He has to get the ball across the goal line.

      I believe that your misinterpreting faith.

      1. Bob

        My point is that Mr Tebow acts as though his display of faith, whether genuine or for show, somehow makes him a special case in the eyes of God, and especially that his supporters view his winning as some sort of vindication for that belief. And that a Christian can, given his own understandings of God’s intent for us through the Bible, freely question the veracity of such displays.

        There are Christians, perhaps more devout and less ostentatious, on any given opponent of his on any given Sunday. Some ambiguous conspiratorial “media” (whatever that is) isn’t what is showing off his faith as though it were some sort of righteous reason to win a football game, it’s his “fans” who seem to perceive that cause and effect.

        And I’m quite certain I don’t need someone who spends their time feeling persecuted by a vast and spooky liberal conspiracy to interpret faith in my behalf, thank you. Liberals aren’t generally that bright.

        Merry Christmas to you and yours, regardless.

        1. Brian

          I’m just calling it how I see it. The media pounces on citizens all the time and this was an opportunity to show this bias.

          Obviously, my article did not convince you of the bias our media and Hollywood shows toward Christianity. It’s a shame you needed to just paint it as some type of conspiracy theory.

          1. Bob

            When Clinton was President and had his funny dealings in the Oval Office with Monica, his administration was certain there was a “vast right-wing conspiracy” knocking him down. The truth was that “the media” was just reporting about a sick, twisted individual in the White House. I believe that people tend to view “the media” as biased strictly depending on whose ox is being gored. It’s a straw man for a lot of my fellow conservatives, but is a kind of pandering we don’t need.

            Tim Tebow is probably a great guy. I’m not saying anything about his character. But I am troubled by these vivid demonstrations of his faith, especially because my faith tradition frowns on that kind of thing as self-promotion.

            I find the arguments about some kind of media bias as specious. And I find Mr Tebow’s actions questionable. That’s all I’m saying.