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Big shock: Politicians are corrupt. So what do we do about it?

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  1. I think it is time to clean out ALL the corrupted Congress men/women and vote in new people who will actually uphold our Constitution and our Federal Laws! Congress has way too much control and corruption is running rampant. They are more interested in lining their pockets instead of working for the common good of We The People!

    I have written to my senators and reps from Capital Hill to the State Capital to no avail. They tell me what they are working on and thank me for my input and that is about all. All or most of Capital Hill knows that obama is not a US citizen because when he came here he started out as a ‘non-US citizen using his step-father’s last name. I think it disrespectful to the USA for Congress to allow obama to stay in the WH when they know he isn’t a US citizen and being born in Kenya makes him unqualified for the office! Instead, Congress sticks their heads in the sand even though they know of all the impeachment petitions that We The People have signed. This is greed and desire to have a ‘One World Government’ with communism as the law of the world instead of any country allowed to be a democracy or republic. Greed and corruption have over-stepped and walked on our Constitution, Declaration of Independence and Bill of Rights!!

    The Muslim impact on our country is another obama agenda. He has allowed CA schools to implement Islam in schools, teach the kids how to be good little muslim’s, requires them to dress like muslims and learn all the Kuran in class! Too bad the atheists aren’t up in arms on this like they always are on the Bible and Christian religion! Muhammed who wrote the Quran was just a ‘man’ like the rest of humankind, not a god as his followers try to paint him. His religion requires killing all the infidels who won’t convert to the Islam faith! obama went to one of the worst muslim schools in Indonesia for the indoctrination to Islam because both his father and step-father are muslims!

    As for insider trading in Congress: they all think they are above the law! They make laws for the public to follow and exempt themselves from the same laws that are required to be upheld by the rest of us. All the congress men/women should be held accountable for their crimes, arrested and sentenced according to their involvement in the crime the same as the common people! These people just think they are so much better because we elected them to their office. They will lie, cheat, bribe, whatever is necessary to cover up their misdeeds and get very angry at the public when they are found out! Too bad! What is good for We The People is also good for our president and all of congress – no exemptions allowed!

  2. I have emailed and emailed my Congressman, Senator, and Congressmen and Senator’s that what they need to do is to start arresting every single one of these Communists who are getting inside information about changes in our lawmaking processes so that the country can turn Communist. And that insider trader deals also are against the law, but the trick see, is not to arrest them under a writ as a Congresswoman, but as a person with a name and a address, and cell phone number, you know, a person. If the local Washington police department walk down the aisle in Congress and go up to Nancy Pelosi and arrest her for committing a crime, and then hand her over to the California police and have her locked up in jail in San Francisco then they might be able to get away with it. But if the other Congressmen approach her with a couple of U.S. Marshall’s, she could stand on her law that protects her and the rest of the criminals. These people need to be taught a lesson that they are still just ordinary citizen’s and nothing any more special than that.

    That’s like the cops. They walk around like they are indestructible and can get away with anything they want. Well, guess what, they can’t. Do you know why? Because every cop in this country are members of a “civilian police force”….CIVILIAN’S, NOT MILITARY OR PARAMILITARY. They’re not the FBI, or CIA or anything like that which aren’t civilian police officer’s. COP’S ARE. They don’t have any more rights than you do, nor can they take your rights away from you if they stop you for something. They are authorized by the cities to enforce the laws that are applicable to that city, state in certain situations, and Federal law in certain situations. Other than that they are citizen’s like you and me, and I don’t care what they told them in police academy, they’re wrong. All this crap about speaking nicely to a law enforcement officer is crap. Sure the cities pass laws that may claim to give the cop special protection from some person who might be mad about something, but that is crap to.

    Just like the government, these blowhards give themselves special protections so that they will feel special when they aren’t special. Like the cities giving special protection to the cops so that no one will complain to them about how little protection they actually give the people of their representative city, and how much less they are actually worth, they can’t because all the cop has to do is tell the person they are speaking to them “disrespectfully”. What bull crap!!

    I told these Congressmen to get some guts and start having these people arrested and put some of them in jail and they’ll start scattering like a bunch of rats, the rats they are!!