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Lesbian Couple Gives Son Hormone Therapy:Says He is Transgender Child

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  1. Loud and Proud Trans*man

    deleted due to profanity

  2. Loud and Proud Trans*man

    deleted due to profanity

  3. http://abcnews.go.com/2020/story?id=3088298&page=1
    Here is an example of a STRAIGHT couple with the same issue for those of you who think this is a “gay” issue.

    • This is irrelevant. You think you’ve hit a home run, but you haven’t. All this proves is that even heterosexual parents, despite their best efforts to ensure the sanctity of the conventional family, cannot compete with the propoganda and indoctrination seen a million times each day on Bravo, HGTV, and Disney. All your point means is that the 10% of the population who claim to be gay are WINNING against the 90% who are not.

  4. “So the Moreno-Lobel’s did what any normal parent would do”

    As a normal parent, I would get my child therapy FIRST. Any “normal” parent that seeks hormone blockers isn’t a normal parent, but an abnormal one.

    • If we wern’t so P.C. in this counry right now we would be right in the head and take this child from this couple of wacks. If any other parent had given their child alchol to go to sleep he would be in jail and the child would be off to a safe home. Why would dikes want a male child anyway since they want to wipe out the whole male population. This statement was made by a dike that was my lead in a activist company I used to work for, So, this child went from no home to one that would destroy him and be taught it is evil to be a man!!! My brother is gay and I would have no problem letting him adopt a child but shouldn’t these people be given phychological evaluation before being allowed to adopt a child? I am really pissed that this kind of evil is allowed and dismissed as no big deal!!!!!!

    • Loud and Proud Trans*man

      It’s funny because if you were at all educated about lgbt issues, you’d know that you can’t start hormone blockers without having therapy first.

      • Wow. So, lets assume they received therapy, yes? It came from a like-minded, atheist liberal progressive who agreed, condoned and endorsed the use of hormone therapy on this poor, confused child. Not exactly an earth-shattering revelation…

  5. People who have serious mental disturbances have real problems with dealing with reality. A person who is said to be a transgendered person is way out there psychologically. What they don’t know whether they are a boy or girl? I remember a program on the subject of people who believe they are transgendered. There was this guy, greal looking, athletic to the max, quarter back on his high school foot ball team, state champions, got a reference to the Naval Academy, graduated with honors, because a SEAL, was a SEAL for nine years in some of the worse fighting of that time in the Middle East before the wars, left the Navy, went to into private life and after a few years realized that he was really a girl and wanted a sex change. IT’S name is Laura from Larry or something like that, it really doesn’t matter. IT got the sex change and is now a so-called “woman”. IT said for years he had all these self doubts within himself and it wasn’t until after he had done all he did that he got to a point in IT’s life that he knew what IT was going to have to do.

    Really? Really??

    As far as I’m concerned, IT was probably nailing every cheer leader, and all the rich girls, and in college where he was the quarter back as well and that college was regional champions, I’m sure it was wall to wall flesh after the games and any and all other times. And, none of that was fun? None of that felt like it was right? And he didn’t like any of it when he was all the way in? C’mon, give me a break!!

    A guy knows he’s a guy. And the guy was a SEAL?? C’mon man! I was a Ranger and I can tell you I wouldn’t have made the SEAL’s, so I know he’s tough as nails. So what was the problem? I think he must have lost his mind once he got out of the service. He must have flipped out somehow. Or, or, he had someone come up to him and offered him a lot of money, I mean a lot of money to pretend that he had got a sex change. Did the interviewer ask to see the place where his weiner used to be and where something else is in it’s place? Did she verify that what he was telling her was the truth? And if somebody gets hormone therapy and grows breasts, the same can be given and reduce them down until they are gone, and he’s back to being a guy again.

    • Your use of the pronoun “it” to refer to a human being is absolutely disgusting and dehumanizing.

      There is a slew of other points I could make, but your very clear ignorance and bigotry makes me pretty sure that it would be a waste of my time.

      Research. Try it.

    • Loud and Proud Trans*man

      deleted due to profanity

  6. Firstly, there is no such thing as “transgendered” children, adults, or anything else. God is not mocked in the issue of what He created. If a child when born is found to have a penis, he is a male. If a child when born has a vagina, she’s a girl. End of discussion, end of explaining, end of any damn thing two lesbo’s would have to say about the issue. As far as I am concerned queers and lesbo’s should not be allowed to have children. Children need a father, which one is the male father, and a mother, which one of these two nuts is playing the part of the “mother”. You know that whoever is on top is the dike, or the guy, and whoever is on the bottom is the female, and I don’t know what the female of the pair is called in dike talk.

    But if these two whacko’s thinks we’re going to make more laws concerning queers and dike’s like the openly gay laws for destroying the military, and under that fact that liberals have now forced the military to allow openly queer kissing and other stuff, I can understand why a 50% cut in military budget would be justified, and that would be because no one is going to stay in the military anyway now. It’s just not worth it to have “gays” openly showing their homosexuality to the world, I would be fearful for my troops in a war because the Muslims would have even more reason to kill our men and that is because Muslims hate, hate, hate queers, and justifably so concider homosexuality a bad “sin”, and I do to. And I don’t mind making fun of them and calling them names because they deserve it all. Besides if we can take this country back from the homo’s and lesbo’s they to will be outlawed unless they receive psychiatric therapy to get well from their mental disturbance.

    • WOW. I can see how “Christian” you are by your comments. Someone you believes in God should know that you should be accepting. That’s not to say that you agree with any of this ,but it go on and on about how it’s okay to call them names. Someone is going to hell, and it’s not this couple.

    • What if someone is born with both a penis AND a vagina? What did ‘god’ mean for them to be?

      People like you are the entire reason why I’m resentful of Christianity. You just accept that you don’t understand the world. You don’t try to learn about science. You just follow whatever the bible says (which isn’t much in this case, by the way). I’m sure Jesus would approve of your name-calling and hatefulness. Douche.

    • Loud and Proud Trans*man

      Excuse me, your Christianity is showing.

      First of all, forgive me but I don’t believe in your ‘god’.

      Second..well, honestly. Your comment is so ignorant and delves into areas that are nowhere near what the article is talking about, it’s hard to respond. You need to realize that people are born different. Being born gay, is like being born black – it’s not something you can choose. The same goes for being born trans*gendered.

      How do you know you’re a Christian? You /believe/ in ‘god’. You /believe/ in something. This kid /believes/ that /she/ is female. She is Tammy, not Thomas. The fact that she has two mothers does nothing to affect her judgement.

      I keep trying to look back at your comment and try to find a way to debate your points, but good god, it’s impossible. Next time you decide to be this much of a god-loving, ignorant ass try to make your comments make sense.

    • I’m sorry, I am a Christian, and I am offended by what you have said. It is judgmental people like you who claim to be “Christians” but yet show none of God’s love that push people away from Christianity. God loves sinners, we are all sinners. Just because we consider ourselves forgiven because of our belief that Jesus Christ died on the cross for our sins and rose again on the third day to conquer sin and death does not mean that we are given the right to be judgmental towards others. Do I agree with this couples lifestyle? No, but that does not mean I judge them for it. Do I think they should be allowed to give their child hormones? Absolutely not, but that does not mean I blame their being gay on the problems their child is having. Straight couples have plenty of problems with their children, including problems similar to this one. Please read your Bible that you claim to hold in such a high regard and learn about the love of God, which is what we are commanded to show others. We are not suppose to hate people, maybe their sins, but definitly not the people themselves.

    • What if the child is born with both? That’s what you donty seem to understand about transgenders. About one in 20 children are born with genetic material that is almost evenly male and female. These kids may show one gender on the outside, while having the other gender’s inner organs on the inside, in all sorts of combination. Some will evn be born with no sexual signs at all. in the old days, doctors used to give the child reconstructive surgery in the first weeks after birth, to give the child one set gender…But they often got it wrong, with true women litteraly growing up in men’s bodies and vice versa. Of course the kids never knew about this (nor the parents) till puberty, when nature would start taking it’s true course… God is good, but man isn’t perfect, and these things happpen. It also happens in the animal kingdom quite commonly. So what would you do for your kid if the doctor tells you he is both male and female?
      Common practice is now to wait till puberty hits to see where nature will take it, and gofrom there…

  7. Politically Correct Protected “Child Abuse”… Good article Kira!!

  8. http://sunriseinamerica.wordpress.com/

    Homosexual “parents” who do this kind of thing should have their children taken away and the “parents” be prosecuted. This is no different from parents who want to castrate their kids or give their kids a histerectomy, just because the confused kid thinks he/she wants it.

    Homosexuals shouldn’t be allowed to adopt kids. They’re causing irreparable sociological and psychological damage!


    • The same thing happens with straight parents all the time.

      I, personally, don’t think conservatives should be allowed to adopt kids. If you would be willing to deny who your child is, then you don’t need a child.

    • Loud and Proud Trans*man

      omfg you’re just..wow

      Studies have shown that gay couples adopting kids does nothing psychologically to them, so your point there is kinda moot.

      Second, gays aren’t ‘dangerous’ or anything that you ignorantly seem to believe. They’re..humans. WAIT, DID I JUST SAY HUMANS?

      lol yeah I did

      Third, please get off the internet and from now, just tell all your fucking blinding ignorant comments to your cat.

      • No, some studies but not all studies support that. There are studies that show that the majority of those raised in that environment have psychological issues when they hit the real world.

  9. People who live as homosexuals should not have children to care for, this confuses an already confused little person who is being denied a role model from two loving heterosexuals who are giving needed energy to a developing personality. The energy being given by a homosexual couple is one sided and not completing the energy circle, thus the resulting frustration illustrated by the child mutilating his sexual organ.

    • This is completely judgemental. With the amount of single parents out there, you’re really going to talk about how a gay/lesbian couple would do so much harm? Those single parents are missing a gender too. Not all children raised by gay/lesbian couples self-mutilate. This is a unique situation.

      • You guys also need to do your research. This isn’t the first time this has happened, in fact it has happened with A LOT of STRAIGHT couples as well.

  10. My first thought is where in the Hell is CPS? If this was a Male Female Married Couple CPS would have taken the kid away a long time ago. Both of the kids in this family need to be taken away and given to someone who is actually sane. I will Pray for the kids.

    • This is actually a new controversial subject. It happens far more than people think as it has been on MANY different news shows, and it has happened many times with straight couples.