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Labor Leaders turn Occupy Wall Streeters into Useful Idiots

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  1. As for the idiot in the sign here, no you are NOT 99% of America! 99% of America is not stupid enough to pay 25k for an education that will not result in employment and then cry about it. Why didn’t he get off his ass and work for his education? Oh that’s right, he is among the 99% of these astro-turfers at “Occupy park benches” gatherings that demands a living wage REGARDLESS of employment. My how wonderful!

  2. Oh I get it now, according to ANON the Socio-bot: Unions are NOT corporate! Never mind the millions they pour into electing the fake Demon-crats right? That dog hasn’t hunted in 50 years! What is the difference between Union thugs taking dues and then using them to elect their Liberal friends, who then pay them back with salaries and pensions that cripple state budgets, from say evil banks donating to politicians for favorable legislation as payback? No difference there. None. Zip. Nada.

  3. Co-opting OWS is of course possible but will require superpowers larger than a team of union bosses or an Obama.

    TSK-TSK- without Obama’s Union pals and certain assorted Liberal has-been celebrities, you would still be begging and crying for “someone in the media to pay attention to us.” Quick! Someone water this astro-truf before it wilts and dies the slow death all lazy hippy class warfare movements have died throughout history.

    Still waiting for the signs stating fire Obama to appear at the astro-turf “Occupy a mattress in a park” movement.

  4. Anonymous; expect us says:
    October 8, 2011 at 6:40 am



    What’s wrong, “Anonymous”, are you so ashamed of your left-wing, anti-American ideals you are afraid to use your name?

    UNIONS are greedy and evil and are the reason so many jobs are in China. I am a factory worker but wouldn’t join a union and pay their extortion money (dues) for $1,000 a hour!

    I am a FREE AMERICAN and refuse to allow a union to control my life.

    • Anonymous; expect us

      Pffft. I’m a protester like the Tea Party in Boston wearing a Native American disguise. (There are too many scary people with 13 yr old mouths commenting around this cocoon – I choose not to provide them with my personal information. They can suffer being forced to deal with my respectful ideas and positions rather than have option to advance personal attacks.) What, you want me to make up a name? Okay, It’s Herman. Call me Herman. Now you have a real-looking name for me just like you and I have for all the other names here. Good grief.

  5. If the want to protest the REAL problem they should be protesting against the Mafia/Unions that control the White House!

  6. this poor, poor IDIOT!

    did somebody twist his arm and force him to take out loans? Doesn’t this spoiled brat know he should get a job and WORK his way through college?


    • Anonymous; expect us

      LOL! I agree! There are so many benefits to imposing a Robin Hood tax. [the stock transfer] tax. One, it generates a lot of revenue that we need for education. $50 to $70 billion revenues there could pay for a lot of free higher education for everyone in this country, for example. Two, it would stop some of the high-speed trading that serves no good public purpose. Computer-driven trading, which is — according to some estimates — half to two-thirds of the volume, it’s all Goldman trading to Bank of America, buying it back. It does nothing for society, and yet, it is what is driving the market and the volatility, hurting the real investors like you and me or hundreds of thousands — millions of others. Taxing “THAT” would be “good for the market on top of everything else. Europe’s making changes on this front at the moment.

    • Anon is hiding because they are a paid media propagandist of the left, simple as that. No different than the twitter bots, same message, same tired ” we need to be more like the Socialists in Europe” propaganda 24/7

  7. Anonymous; expect us

    Occupy Wall Street (OWS) represents everyone getting screwed, of which union workers are a subset, not the main event. Will not be either. Here’s why:

    Occupy Wall Street has already slapped the defibrillator paddles to a constellation of social movements on the critical condition list since at least the run-up to the 2008 election and is drawing thousands new to activism into motion. Every group who ever marched on any of these issues should be part of OWS.

    No doubt, unions have been fighting to draw attention to Wall Street abuses for years, just as OWS is doing. But unions are ignored; media is corporate. OWS fairly brilliantly does not only day-march against Wall Street (*twice a day).. it occupies Wall Street. Occupying is a whole different animal. Every day, groups go out into the establishment’s backyard and make their case. Every night there the group engages, reassesses and adapts at the general assemblies. Unions certainly can help to build Occupy Wall Street in a symbiotic relationship… but they are a single constituency of a larger OWS movement. Any future strikes, or even the threat of a strike, will gain more traction if unions can count on occupiers to lend them their support. That’s called leverage.

    OWS is working as a strategy, it is getting the press coverage and, even better, getting coverage from people who are openly admitting they don’t understand what is happening. The fact that the MSM can’t pin down any specific list of demands is still making them insane. OWS getting erred criticism after erred criticism also working to it’s advantage: It’s a bunch of disenfranchised losers, the corporate media originally tried to mock students as being immature and not weighty. And all that derision, and ridicule as hundreds of thousands have been added to the ranks, has already begun nail them (right wing pundits in the ass) in the long run. “No wait, it’s Obama”, “No wait, it’s Soros”, no wait, it’s the Canadians and the professors, no wait it’s unions. The message is getting out loud and clear while those doing the talking about us have no clue what they are looking at or talking about… they can’t seem to massage it, to twist it… or to subvert it. It’s workin’ well. The average American hear the protest message, knows what the media is spewing about the protestors and it’s just not willing to listening to it anymore.

    OWS is an open-air forum, a deliberating body, a site where its location and form — an occupation with an open-ended process — Unions are used to the idea that they turn up on the day and get the coverage and its a done deal. It’s part of the model that exists through “leadership” and “deals”. (The problem with that model is that leaders too easily get “co-opted” by “the enemy” and the deals that get done are out of the public eye where “inducements” are offered.)

    At this point, OWS peeps are political neutrinos and likely to remain so, but anything is possible. The reason it’s getting attention is because the people that started it aren’t hitched entirely to politicians, and thus are free to tell the (roughly) unadulterated truth. Though there are dissenters who think otherwise, most of OWS is distinctly unlike the Tea Party, and believes government is part of the solution and and occupiers themselves are not so invested in ego or credit… they want attention to be paid to injustice instead… it’s all about the cause. it will eventually need politicians to start doing things to fix the problems that OWS has brought attention to. Politicians are a necessary evil at some point but not now.

    I turn the article’s arrogant argumentative structure back at itself… easily flip it on it’s head this way:. Everybody who is OUTSIDE of OWS does not understand that the specific points of complaint they hear from OWS are only the symptoms of the larger problem OWS has set upon addressing as a primary goal which is…. endemic greed and a corrupted process. This is whole reason OWS exists in the first place. So, for example, down into the nitty gritty, all negotiation of OWS is done in the full view of the public, and available in real time via social media.

    Co-opting OWS is of course possible but will require superpowers larger than a team of union bosses or an Obama.