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Attaaaackkkk Waatttcchhhh! Snitches Dig Ditches

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  1. Found another one,

    Dear Attack Watch: I am reporting the presidents proposed American Jobs act bill. He doesn’t want JOBS! He wants increased TAXES!

    Read the dam bill! here… http://www.whitehouse.gov/jobsact#overview

    • Here’s my favorite I saw on Twitter: Mr President, we’ve traced the lies and their coming from inside your MOUTH! #AttackWatch. LOL! And today Mediaite was marveling at how quickly the subscriptions to AW jumped up to over 100,000. They must not be following Twitter or it may have occurred to them that the majority of those subscriptions were just from people who wanted to continue to ridicule AW.

  2. Dear Attack Watch: I would like to report the White House web site for failing to deliver on its promise of being the most “open administration in American history.” Can you PLEASE shut this site down????

    Contact Obama here, and let him know: http://www.whitehouse.gov/contact

  3. These people ( Obama and company) are so desperate they have went beyond insane. I loved the article Kira, and have really enjoyed the laughs this bunch of misfits have given us at the expensive of the propagandist in chief!