Attaaaackkkk Waatttcchhhh! Snitches Dig Ditches

Yesterday the Obama Twitter team proudly tweeted the creation of the pro-Obama defensive website, .

Immediately the Twittersphere exploded with the use of the hashtag #AttackWatch, but most likely not in the way the Obama team had hoped.  The poorly designed Attack Watch website bills itself as a site to counter “right wing” attacks on the President.  It encourages supporters to use the hashtag to report unfair attacks and stories and to request information to counter those attacks.  “Get the facts, fight the smears” is their motto.  The hashtag did indeed generate a huge influx of tweets, causing it to trend on Twitter in less than twelve hours.  However, the majority of responses were tweeted by conservatives and like-minded people and were heavy on snark, insults and sarcasm.  Tweeters accused Attack Watch of being a snitch site, a poor copy of Media Matters and reminiscent of the Gestapo.  Many began to use the hashtag to “report” their friends for anti-Obama tweeting and even their own children for subversive behavior. 

What obviously seemed like a clever idea in the beginning for the Obama teamed has quickly evolved into an embarrassing joke.  Obama already has the undeniably bias support of the mainstream media, cable outlets (minus FOX), print media (that’s what we call the newspapers people used to read) and a plethora of Internet sites, including Huffington Post, Media Matters and others.  They leap to his defense on any mention of his weaknesses and even go so far as to publish out and out lies about entities like the tea party.  The fact that the Obama team felt it was necessary to create yet another “defensive” website speaks to the sheer desperation they must be feeling right now, and it shows.  Team Obama has not yet accepted the fact that the mere specter of the President opening his mouth to speak is not enough to distract an increasingly informed and engaged public from his horrifying failure of leadership.  And while it may sound alarmist, the idea of a “snitch” site in the first place says a lot about where in the political spectrum the President’s sensibilities lie.  It would be very disturbing were it not so completely, embarrassingly ridiculous.  Even the guys over at Misfit Politics got in on the action, creating this brilliant “ad” for Attack Watch, which has since gone viral.

The jury is still out, but it may be that Obama has finally jumped the shark with this one.  He is quickly becoming the laughing stock of his own carefully controlled production.  This idea was pitiful and very ill-timed, considering the onslaught of Obama scandals that have come to light in the last few weeks.  He deserves to be ridiculed.  In fact, ridicule is one of Alinsky’s rules for defeating political foes;  and one that Andrew Breitbart has taken for his own and encouraged others to do the same.  Let’s help expose the inanity of this latest rope-a-dope by our dear leader and continue to laugh hysterically with each other and AT the Obama team.  Share this hysterical video.  Visit Twitter and search the hashtag #AttackWatch for even more great laughs.  Let’s let the watchers who are watching us know that we are watching them watch, so watch out.

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One Comment

  1. These people ( Obama and company) are so desperate they have went beyond insane. I loved the article Kira, and have really enjoyed the laughs this bunch of misfits have given us at the expensive of the propagandist in chief!

  2. Dear Attack Watch: I would like to report the White House web site for failing to deliver on its promise of being the most “open administration in American history.” Can you PLEASE shut this site down????

    Contact Obama here, and let him know:

    1. Here’s my favorite I saw on Twitter: Mr President, we’ve traced the lies and their coming from inside your MOUTH! #AttackWatch. LOL! And today Mediaite was marveling at how quickly the subscriptions to AW jumped up to over 100,000. They must not be following Twitter or it may have occurred to them that the majority of those subscriptions were just from people who wanted to continue to ridicule AW.

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