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Anthony Weiner: Self-Destruction By Pride And Arrogance

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  1. “I realize that the majority of the American people do not see things such as “inappropriate” texts, emails, tweets, etc. as an offense worthy of resigning.” (Manzanagrano)

    Wow. Softy isn’t the word. While everyone is entitled to their opinion over the weiner-issue, sending a picture of your privates to a person you don’t know online is EQUAL to exposing your privates to someone on a street corner.
    Yet society will arrest and throw the street flasher in jail for being a pervert, but lets the online flasher get away scot-free?

    Thank God for the hecklers. Hopefully that induces shame on others to stop who are in Weiners position who haven’t got caught, yet.

    • Max, please do not misunderstand… I MOST DEFINITELY feel he should have resigned- and he should have done so IMMEDIATELY! In fact, I would be willing to venture out and say he should have NEVER run in the first place! However, that goes for MOST of our elected officials as well.

      I also am not one of those I speak of- “Most Americans’. I believe the moral values of our country have declined to epic proportions. What amazes me, saddens me, angers me, and any other number of emotions is the FACT that many- INCLUDING MOST of his constituents- had no problem with his “inappropriate” texting. I do. I am a FIRM believer that if your life- your ENTIRE LIFE- is not representative of a TRUE leader, you have NO BUSINESS being in a leadership position. Unfortunately a vast number of voters do not see a problem with it. David Vitter is a PRIME example! He should have resigned IMMEDIATELY! And he’s a Republican- so I am equal opportunity.

      Where my “softy” comes in is that I just cannot relish in his downfall. Yes, he has gotten what he deserved. And honestly, Max, I do not believe that the heckling will stop anyone in the future. Anyone who is involved in something like this honestly believes they will not get caught. They think they can hide it and never be found out. But as a human being- though I know his consequences are just- it just saddens me to see another human being allow themselves to get caught up in their lies so much that it destroys them.

      • Allenah,

        I respect your opinion, and understand your point about not wanting to relish in a persons demise. Admittedly there are those who do relish in this stuff (immature knuckleheads). I for one do not relish in it. But I understand the hecklers, and agree with them, even though I myself am not the heckler-type. The heckling was indeed appropriate for one reason, and one reason alone: Weiner intentionally mislead the public, lied about it, made fun of it, and got angry over it when nobody believed his lies (as you adeptly pointed out, it was a show of pride and arrogance.) Politicians live in a self-sanitized world, meaning they ignore all criticism, and you can bet Weiner didn’t read a single critical email from his constituents (that would require feelings of guilt and remorse… which I’m quite sure he has none) but he did hear the hecklers. That he couldn’t ignore. Judging at how angry he became at the media for wanting the truth, I can guarantee he would have let loose on the heckler if he had the opportunity. But at least he heard “citizen” voices of disapproval, instead of the liberal media voices that were all to eager to downplay his actions.

        I guess it is the same whenever a citizen heckles the president over bad policies. We need hecklers, sometimes it’s the only truth these politicians ever hear beyond the fluffy world they reside in.

        I enjoyed your article and discussion.

        • Hmmmmm… ok Max, I have to concede! You’ve made a VERY GOOD point that I had not thought about until you pointed it out.

          I had not thought about the fact that he refused to listen to anyone. While I KNOW this about him, it escaped me that my point about him applies in this part of it as well- he thought he was above getting caught.

          It’s so sad that we have reached this point in our country. Have we really come to the point where the ONLY way we will be heard by our leaders is heckling or force? Sadly, it seems as though we have.

          Unfortunately, though, on that point, I doubt the heckling even got to him. While I’m sitting here saddened by the demise he is left with by his own arrogance and pride, history shows us his true attitude. I am sure he is not remorseful at all. And hey, since I’ve learned how much his pension package is… yeah, he’s not suffering at all! I’m sure his pride can get over what he’s gone through!

          Sadly, though, he has no self respect. That is something altogether different!

          Such a sad situation all the way around. And by that I do not mean sad as in he shouldn’t be going through this. I mean sad that we truly have reached this point in our country.

          I’m glad you enjoyed the article, and I too enjoyed the conversation!

          • “Unfortunately, though, on that point, I doubt the heckling even got to him.”

            Agreed, and thanks. I look forward to commenting on future CDN posts.