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U.A.E. Secret Army May Be a Response to Iran’s Secret Army

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  1. Daniel (twitter: @Mirac777) says:

    The Times blames Conservative media for making up conspiracy theories, and then publishes this drivel? Kind of hypocritical, with all the “assumptions” and unnamed sources in that piece of hypothetical hogwash. There is a hell of a lot more to this story than meets the eye here, yet the Times relies on a half baked theory based upon unnamed sources and “Security consultants.” This is a great example of why I do not take anything The Times prints seriously today. My, how a once great journalistic investigative arm of the N Y media that has sunk to being just another rumor mill among the leftist rag entertainment and propaganda outfits.

    From what I know of Eric Prince and company, they offer high-tech- expensive special ops based protection for the Uber Rich and Royalty. They also have gravitated into the Security training fields more recently, and while their training programs are military Spec-Ops based, I do not see them forming any kind of armies in any part of the world. I,d say they are hired to provide protection and advice against the radical, government overthrowing, Rebels we see in Egypt and Libya. If I was the King or a Sheik in Saudi Arabia, these are the men I would want on my payroll if the sheet hits the fan in Saudi Arabia and mysterious unnamed “rebels” come hunting me, or attempt to take over the country. You can also bet that Princes Security men in Saudi Arabia will not have their hands tied by ridiculous ROE as our troops face in Iraq and Afghanistan today. This move sends a distinct message to any future wanna-be Rebels thinking of over-throwing the UAE government also. Someone over there had the foresight to go pro-active and hire these men. Smart move, looking at what is happening all over the middle east today.