The Trump-Bashing Bandwagon

By | April 22, 2011

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2 thoughts on “The Trump-Bashing Bandwagon

  1. Ax D. WhiteMan

    Couldn’t disagree more, ( ) but a pretty well done piece just the same. BTW Trump is hardly “self made” and probably not a “billionaire.” Much more like Paris Hilton than Conrad Hilton.

    1. Daniel

      Hello Ax D
      Thanks for sharing your thoughts here at CDN. Trump is worth a reported 7.2 billion in the latest report I read, but I,m like you, who knows how correct that figure is. He is a self-made billionaire, no doubt there, as he has survived wheeling and dealing for decades in the N. Y. / Jersey real estate development business. which is a very tough racket.
      I dont understand the Paris Hilton comparison, except that they both had TV shows. Paris sells her perfume/clothing line through her prior TV exposure ( or tries to), whereas The Donald promotes his corporate skills in his show, mostly in showcasing his employee management abilities. Paris was born into money, and I do believe that Trump wasn’t. Trump went to college, and then started working at his fathers real estate firm, eventually taking it over in 1971. Fred Trump basically told Donald if you want to head this company one day, you will first do the legwork to prove yourself through hard work and experience. Donald could just as easily have run his father’s company into the ground, yet has persevered in remarkable fashion, even while flirting with bankruptcy at one point. That speaks of a tenacity and work ethic that I feel is largely missing in D.C. today.

      My simple message is that if Trump is a non-factor in the 2012 elections, why are the GOP elitists bashing him so heavily now ? I don’t pay any attention to clowns, pundits, or other self appointed political experts when I find out that the facts do not match up with what they say today. The opening up of the discussion does have its value in researching America’s problems today and helping Americans to make informed voting decisions in 2012 to try to right our ship. Exposing Republican progressive tendencies is critical in showing the voters just who is doing what in our congress nowadays, so I like Trump going rogue on all the issues. Does that make him a viable candidate for POTUS in 2012? Right now, not in my opinion. Also check out my Presidential profile on Trump here at CDN, in which I expose some real problems with the Donald’s past record on the issues. Just keep in mind that that article was written way before Trump went on his recent media firestorm blitz.

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