Wisconsin Public Employees and Unions are Stealing From Tax Payers [Podcast]

Rich Mitchell Podcast

The progressive lap dogs, otherwise known as Big Labor, and the Democrat Senators of Wisconsin are committing theft and fraud. I got so mad about it, I created my first ever podcast.

When critiqueing, be harsh, only way I can make the future ones better (or realize I just need to stop).

Here it is:

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Crisis in the Mid-West: Unions and Public Employees Steal From Taxpayers

Research from the podcast (as promised):

Wisconsin Teacher's Salary

source: http://www.postcrescent.com/


  • I’ll email you my response.☺

  • Nice job Rich.The break clip pitching CDN is perfect, wouldn’t change a thing on that, and the rest will get smoother as you go along. I did some narration to slide shows years ago and that in itself was a hell of a lot trickier than I ever thought it could be. Again you nailed it. Great idea also.
    I.d give you an overall “B”. A for content, B- for delivery, and B+ for struction and composition of the podcast. Also threw in an A for bullet points being well defined adding to the value of the content .

  • I liked it. No mention of the recall elections being put together for two of the fleeing dumbocrats?