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  • Progressives & The Continued Urban Slaughter

    Over the Easter weekend, the City of Chicago experienced a rash of violence that eclipsed anything taking place on the battlefields of Afghanistan or in the uncivilized Taliban-held territories of Pakistan’s border region. 18 people were shot in several incidents, 13 of them dying from their wounds. This is nothing new to Chicago where for […]

  • Liberal Worry: A Good Thing for the Good Guys

    Liberal Worry: A Good Thing for the Good Guys

    Look, ma, the liberals are crying. Why are they crying, Timmy? Because America isn’t buying their crap anymore. We don’t use language like that, Timmy. Regardless of your choice of words, I came across a poll today that I think Timmy summarizes correctly, and it’s worth a mention because you’re not likely to see it […]

  • An Oligarchy and Not a Republic? No Kidding?

    An Oligarchy and Not a Republic? No Kidding?

    The Washington Times is reporting that a study by Princeton and Northwestern Universities has determined that the fundamental transformation of the United States of America has already taken place. We have transitioned from a Republic (as our Framers intended) to an oligarchy: “America is no longer a democracy — never mind the democratic-republic envision by […]

  • Eros and Estrogen on the Front Line

    Eros and Estrogen on the Front Line

    This December it will be 42 years since the last male was drafted into combat, but it looks like the fun is just starting for women. Not that they will be going to the post office to register anytime soon. Instead woman already in the military — who thought they were being all they can […]

  • The Great Divide

    The Great Divide

    Well here we go again, the Democrats are starting their hate-filled attacks, you can tell they are in trouble. It never seems to fail, whenever the Democrats are losing a battle or run out of ideas, they fall back on their old faithful standby, calling everyone who disagrees with them racists. By now we are […]