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The Latest News about The Tea Party

Divided We Stand, United We Fall

  Recently, we conservatives have been called many things. Some on the left have labeled us as terrorists, extremists, Nazis, rednecks, hobbits, and racists to name just a few. Our gatherings have been referred to as “Klan” meetings. Most of us know that these comments hold no truth and are made by people of ignorance. When you attend your next ...

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This past spring we witnessed the flames of revolution across the face of the Arab nations. Old leaders were thrown out and new leaders are taking over. But who are these new leaders and what is their intent? Some believe that the Muslim Brotherhood, a radical group, will be organizing and winning elections in those countries where elections will be ...

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The Official Start of the Current Tea Party

“We’re thinking about having a Chicago Tea Party in July!” These words were spoken from the floor of the Chicago Stock Exchange by CNBC’s Rick Santelli. The silent majority became the “Not-So-Silent Majority” on February 19, 2009. Ron and Rand Paul were speakers at the Boston Tea Party 2008 in December of 2007. There were also many rumblings and undercurrents ...

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