Divided We Stand, United We Fall


Recently, we conservatives have been called many things. Some on the left have labeled us as terrorists, extremists, Nazis, rednecks, hobbits, and racists to name just a few. Our gatherings have been referred to as “Klan” meetings. Most of us know that these comments hold no truth and are made by people of ignorance.

When you attend your next “Klan” meeting, look around and see how many people you see that are not the same race as you. I know that may be a hard thing to do because when we attend these meetings most of us only see three colors, RED, WHITE and BLUE!

Some of the names we are called make us laugh, while some infuriate us. For example, when they call us “rednecks”, most of us are not bothered in the least. Everyone I know that most would call “rednecks” are good God fearing, patriotic Americans.

“Terrorist”, on the other hand is one that gets under my skin personally. Terrorists do not try to change things in a peaceful manner; they murder the innocent and are tyrannical if in power.

One label I do not mind at all is “hobbit”. In fact, I consider it a great honor to be called a hobbit. This label solidifies my resolve to stand up and continue fighting the good fight. Please correct me if I am wrong, but was it not two hobbits that brought down an entire kingdom of evil?

There are many differing degrees of conservatives. There are some that are willing to compromise on their core beliefs, some that think that there should be no compromise, and many in between the these two extremes. These differences could lead to the downfall of our common cause if we do not unite. The liberals are experts in causing unrest in the different groups of the conservative movement. They know how to attack one group and cause others to doubt their allegiance to our common cause.

This is the time for all of to unite against the common enemy of our nation, unique culture, our economy, and our very way of life. We must unite and elect leaders of good morals, leaders who are in it for our nation, not for themselves. Our great nation is in desperate need of  TRUE LEADERS now more than any other time in recent history. We The People are the ones that are responsible for electing such officials. Now is not the time for politics as usual. Get out, get involved, and get educated about the candidates who want to be our leaders, then most importantly, GET OUT AND VOTE!

If we continue to stand divided, we will be united in failure.


For those of you that own firearms, train hard and well and teach those that do not know how.
Be good stewards of the right to bear arms, for we are the last line of defense against tyranny.

-Benjamin Wallace

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One Comment

  1. So many conservatives are still easy for Democrats to make to feel guilty about how Blacks are treated, have to live, that is no one’s fault but theirs, how it’s so easy for Democrats to throw Blacks in the face of conservatives embarrassing them by accusing conservatives of not caring if they don’t vote for certain bills that would spend even more than the 6 trillion dollars that has been spent on Black’s so far over the past 45+ years, that no wonder we still have division within our ranks. We have conservatives who are still scared that if they are found out they will loose their jobs, say, with the school systems. I know several conservatives who are in the schools, and they don’t dare say a word about Black teachers and administrators who show up at school with Obama pins and tee shirts and hats, signs and things on when they know it’s against the law in my state that no political things like that can be worn at any time. If these conservatives were to go to the school board and complain, they’d be standing at the desk of a big fat Black woman with an attitude who has Obama stuff on her. Blacks know to go get those jobs with the school board because they know that they can’t be fired due to union rules that control everything in the schools, get good pay, get great benefits, and a even better retirement. This is part of the reason why many conservatives don’t do what they should because the leftists have these kinds of things under their control and there is no getting it away from them.

    The Socialist have rebuilt this nation in the way they believe it should be, while we were spending more time trying to protect our livlihoods and reputations and didn’t have the time to defend the way the system used to be that favored people who were doing a good job. That can be applied to any situation you are in. Just adjust what I’ve made an example of and in it’s place put your situation that is being controled by liberals, and you will see why alot of people won’t speak out for anything. It’s just to dangerous now. And it’s not that we won’t do the things that we know we can get away with without being found out, but that’s all they can do. So it’s a situation where you can’t ever expect the kind of unity that we could have if we could have stopped the liberals way back long ago when they were tearing down our culture, our society, our governments both in our states and the Federal government.

    Liberals were relentless in their plans to tear down all the institutions we had taken generations to build, in a few short years of one leftist legislation after another. And if they couldn’t get it through the legislations they found themselves a leftis judge who would rule that some law that was doing everyone good and was fair, was discremitory against Blacks, and that’s all it took. It seemed that we didn’t know how to defend those things we knew were good and fair and if those people who believed those things were against them, and were made by White people to keep others out, then maybe we could have kept things like they were until we could figure out how to show those people what they needed to do to take advantage of things they way they were. But it was to late.

    Liberal Democrats were determined to change everything about this country and used every mean and dirty way to do it in ways it seemed we couldn’t defend against. They did it in a way that didn’t leave us any way to stop them from changing the way things were in this country other than to do it using the Democrats methods. We are good people and just don’t do things like that. We don’t go around destroying other people’s way of life and livlihood by accusing them of harming the environment, and making slaves out of Blacks. We weren’t doing those things, but we had no one who would stand up in our defence who were on the side of the liberals. It seemed like they forgot how they got what they had. It seemed they forgot how good life was for them and what they had to do to have life for themselves that good. They took advantage of situations like they were before the Democrats started tearing things down. But now it seemed that these liberals were more afraid of the left than we were, and wouldn’t open their mouths to defend those things they knew were right, and good, and fair for everyone.

    So there are millions of both conservatives and liberals who won’t stand up and say anything to expose the wrongs that the leftist Democrats have done to this country and have made it the way it is. But you know what, we are just as guilty for our society and culture being destroyed from how it used to be because we were to afraid of all the trouble that it would cause if we fought them and did everything we could to stop them. We didn’t have the backbone to resist the name calling, false accuations, and guilt that we felt, but pushed past those things and stopped the leftist anyway. And anytime they popped their heads up we would have to beat them back down, and make sure that those kinds of things would not happen to our country again by people who didn’t care about it as much as we did. But we let them take over, and as late as it is now we’re trying to take it back? I think not. The entire country has been rebuilt in their image, and not ours. There is very little left that our youth can look at and see that there is something better there than what they are being shown by the left. There is very little left of the old system that was good, fair, and was like our Constitution said things should be for our people to be able to look back on and say, yeah, that was better, let’s put it back that way again. We can’t just do that like painting a room. First we paint a patch of color on. And if we don’t like it we can easily change it and paint another color on the wall. If we like that one then we go ahead and repaint the whole room that color. But now the whole house is one color, and we don’t like that color but the house has been completely remodled and is full of different furniture, pictures on the walls we don’t recognize, and it’s as if someone we don’t know lives here. If we wanted to repaint this house the color we really want we would have to move all the furniture out of the house, take all the pictures down, take all the light fixtures out, to get down to the bare walls again so we could start painting. But we don’t have time because we have to go to work, take care of the kids, go buy some food and gas, and try to get some rest so that we can do that all over again. We seem to not have the time to unite so that we can begin to tear down this old house the Democrats have built so that we can put it back the way it should be. In the mean time though we’ve got boarders we’re going to have to throw out, and they refuse to leave and keep cheating in order to force us to leave them alone. But I hope we’re not going to have to burn the house down in order to get these mean people out. We would loose the basic structure and would have to start from scratch, and we don’t need to do that.

    So we’re going to have to figure out how to get rid of these people who’ve moved into our house(the country), and have rebuilt it to suit their likes and how they want it when the house belongs to us. Think about how hard it would be if somebody moved into your house and brought in all their stuff and refused to leave and take their stuff(their laws, and ways they think the culture and society should be) with them, and not ever come back. That is going to be hard, and will be alot of fighting, but many of us will not want to be part of the fight because they are to afraid of what might happen. They are afraid of the unknown. But there are enough of us left to explain to them how great life would be in this country if we were to get rid of these people who moved in on us and took over our house. We have to throw them out somehow.

  2. There is no way to rebuild this nation back to the way it’s supposed to be by using the laws, rules, and changes in our culture and society that the Democrats have spent the past 50+ years building. They rebuilt the country like they believed it should be so that they could pass any kind of law they believed was needed so that people they believed needed help could get the help they needed without having to work for what they needed.

    That of course is unconstitutional, but that’s just the point. Democrats don’t want to use the Constitution in order to get these things done, because the Constitution won’t let them do those things because those things are wrong to do to people if respect is to be given to freedom and liberty that the Constitution is supposed to protect. And it’s the duty of the government to not do those things to our country, culture, and society that would take freedom and liberty away from some people and give others more freedom and liberty than they should have.

    Democrats have taken our Constitution and thrown it in the trash and have written their own laws and rules to go by which enable them to make unconstitutional law which it would take to remake the country. If we are to try to take the country back from these people we are going to have to find out what they changed and put those laws and rules back so that at least that part of the government will work like it’s supposed to be. Then we’d have to move to the next set of laws and rules the Democrats made which enable them to get away with what they do that seems like they are going by the law, but it’s their laws that enable them to do those things. Those are the things we’d have to get rid of and replace what was removed and put them back so that those parts of the government will work like they are supposed to be.

    And in the meantime we would have to fight the Democrats who would be fighting us tooth and nail to stop us from taking their laws and rules away which have enabled them for all these years to get away with murder in the destruction of our nation, and enslavement of our people. We would have to resist the screaming Blacks, and environmentalists that we were destroying the country. What they don’t understand is that the country has already been destroyed, and they didn’t know it. The liberals are real slick like that. They can tell you that they are doing something good for the country, while they are taking a crow bar to it. They can be tearing something good, up, and at the same time you will think that they are doing something that needs to be done. It’s calle “brain washing”. It’s a Communist ploy that they are experts at doing. To take a person’s freedom away from them, while they are telling them that they don’t need that freedom, and their life would be better off if they were to lose that freedom, and people listening to that will tell themselves that what they are being told is right. It’s Communist brain washing by the experts who’ve attached themselves to the Democrat party so that the Democrats can get things done faster and smoother without any resistance by the people.

    By the time most of us wake up and realize what Democrats have done to our nation, it will be too late, the Communist will be running everything and you won’t be able to take it away from them. They will have all the cops, the military, Obama’s civilian defence force (National Police Force) that was already in the works way back in the mid 80’s by liberals in our government. Where do you think all those “nonlethal weapons” are being built for, the Taliban? Al Quaeda who are already in the country training to attack us? Not hardly. Those weapons are being built to stop us when we march on Washington to take our government back according to our Constitutional rights!

  3. In the last comment I meant to say that Democrat laws and rules would be removed, gotten rid of, and Constititional law and rules that used to exist would be put back in place so that that part of the government would work like it’s supposed to be. It’s those laws and rules that use words like “investment” when it really means “tax!!”. We are all brain washed right now. And what all these people who aren’t helping us conservatives take our government back will have to do is be educated in the language the Democrats have used over all these decades, since before Carter, like right after JFK was assinated. That may have been one of the reason’s why JFK was assinated and that was because the Communists wanted to take over the Democrat party and JFK hated Communism, and Marxists and Socialists. He knew the difference between them and knew that America could not be allowed to be taken over by Communists in the government by taking over the Democrat Party. Now, it’s to late. They already have taken over the Democrat Party and it’s plain to see because we have a Marxist in the White House, and Socialist Democrat Party members in both Houses. Like Nancy Pelosi is a member of the Socialist Democrat Party, so is Barney Frank, and Berny Sanders, and many, many more.

    Those are the kinds of people we’ll be up against come next year during the Presidential primaries, and up to the election. It will be bad…..bad!

  4. Thomas Jefferson said, “From time to time the tree of liberty must be watered by the blood of tyannts AND patriots.” Think about what that means. The environmentalists out in California who are stopping the water pumps from being turned on which would allow those farmers to be able to bring in their crops, would have to be removed and those pumps would have to be turned on. That means that the cops standing in the way would have to be given the opportunity to stand up for either American freedom and liberty, or some little lizard the courts are protecting. And if they choose the lizard, then they must be prepared to fight for the lizard. Which is greater to fight for, America’s liberty and freedom and the rights of property owners, or some little nothing lizard? Which would you want to die protecting, America, or a lizard? That’s the choice the cops must make. And don’t let them bull you into thinking they are just doing their job and enforcing a court order. That is crap when the big picture is looked at. We cannot any longer tolerate that kind of thinking, because that is liberal thinking, that has caused all this destruction of our nation. Which are you going to fight for?

  5. Liberal Democrats use language against White conservative Christian’s by calling us “racists”. They have used the courts and have helped install liberal judges to run those courts so that liberals could go into those courts and make false charges against White conservative Christian’s which the liberal judges upheld, and that White conservative Christian lost their job, and their good name was falsely smeared, and the whole event caused them to loose their livlihood. That alone was enough to make a whole number of good conservative people to keep their mouths shut and not speak out against the government or bad representatives who were writting bills that they knew would hurt this country.

    People like George Soros are being called out on for manipulating the stock market yesterday. But that’s what George Soros has historically done to cause all kinds of trouble for other countries he was trying to hurt, and some he almost brought down, like the bank of England. He wreaked the economies of countries in and around Russia years ago to the point where some people put out a contract on him for the damage he did to their economies, that if he ever came back to those countries they would kill him. That’s pretty bad. But I don’t think we should be protecting him for what he did just because he does a lot of good for investment companies and bankers who do business with his company.

    But this is the sort of stuff the liberal Democrats have allowed to go on in our country. Look at what liberal Democrats did with Fannie/Freddie and didn’t even blink when those two illegal monsters fell and nearly took our economy down the drain.

    We have a lot of work ahead of us especially due to the fact that we have the most evil man in our history in the White House, and the most evil people in seats of Congressmen and Senators in our government doing things that are so harmful to this nation that nothing like those things Democrats have done, have never been done before to the point where nothing like that has ever happened and no one knows what the outcome would be financially or economically to this nation. That is absolutely amazing! Who could have ever thought something like that would ever happen to this nation. We’re about to loose our sovereignty if liberal Democrats get their way on the amnesty bill, the “Dream Act”. American’s could loose all the jobs our kids would need to pay for college or to gain experience so that they could begin their working lives to illegal Mexican aliens allowed into the country by people who plan on using them as votes to keep themselves in office from now on?? What the hell is that?

    Are we going to let this crap continue from now on? When are we going to put an end to their plans to take this country from us? And are they trying to take the country from us, or are they just trying to help as many people as they can with the abundance of money this nation is capable of producing? And are Democrats really on the side of the “little man” , the “working man”?? Who is that?

  6. Sorry about all the bad run on sentences. That is a bad habit I have. Sometimes it’s worse and then other times it’s not so obvious. But I have alot of knowledge of how these bastards have done all this bad stuff. They have been allowed to rebuild our government and have gotten in our lawmaking process and bebuilt it so that they could make laws they knew were unconstitutional. They have got people on the Supreme Court that would allow these unconstitutional bills to go through so they could become law and wreak the country. I just want to know how our conservative Justices haven’t been able to stop some of this stuff since we managed to get them on the Court. But then the liberal Democrats will accuse us of loading the Court with people who would pass bills that liberal Democrats say won’t do the country any good(not that any of those bills would hurt the country and would be Constitutional, but liberals just didn’t like them).

    So many things need to be changed. We need to take the TV networks over somehow. We need to take back the printed newspapers, magazines, and other printed matter that people get that would be used by liberals to influence people’s thinking about the issues. I know for a fact that Ted Kennedy was the one who would call the presidents of these networks and threaten them with taking their broadcast license away if they continue to allow conservative news and facts, to be used to expose what liberals were doing that hurt the country, and instead just report the good things the Democrats were doing with said bill or laws, etc.. So, slowly but surely the networks surrendered to the Democrats.

    1. No need to appologize, sometimes it is hard to find a spot to add a period when you get up to the pulpit. Plus I have the same problem sometimes.
      Again you are spot on. To make the needed changes we must fire the politicians and elect patriots. As far as the media, quit watching and reading those that push the liberal agenda. If enough people stop listening then they will not have way to spread their disease. Start a write-in campaign to all companies that sponser the shows or publications. If enough people speak out against where they advertise they will listen. Again this will take people getting off their backside and taking action.

  7. More and more American’s are getting the courage to stand against the Democrats over time, though. But what divides us is FEAR. Fear of loosing their job if they get themselves in trouble doing something to try to stop liberals, or protesting against the government that might hurt that companies chances of getting a government contract. FEAR is what divides us. More and more are beginning to be brave, but to many are at jobs that could disappear in a second. And people are scared to death to become “HOMELESS” No one wants to become homeless. White, hard working, law abiding, conservative, church going, God fearing, decent people look at the homeless as people who didn’t try hard enough, or they believe that being homeless is very close to being a bum. People have beleifs about being decent people who don’t loose their homes and end up out on the street like a bum. People see today that people can loose their jobs and end up on the street at no fault of their own. People see that being patriotic can get you fired. Getting fired can cause you to loose your home because you won’t be able to pay your house note.

    FEAR is our greatest enemy. And our second greatest enemy is IGNORANCE where we don’t bother with finding out what the left is talking about that is just language covering up something else liberals don’t want you to know. If we really want to take the country back we are going to have to stop waiting until things get real bad before we do something. And I think that is what affects most American’s. We’re lazy and don’t feel like it’s bad enough yet and doesn’t warrent us going to far to stop these depots and Communists.

    And the one thing we are going to have to do is to be able to expose Communists in our government and be able to tell the American people without Democrats being allowed to belittle us for saying that word. Liberals want American’s to believe that being a Communist is not a bad thing, and it’s just a political idea just like being a Republican or a Democrat. But it’s not. It’s a destructive ideology that destroys countries. It’s destroying us and we are going to have to shut Democrats up when it comes to educating American’s about the dangers and destructiveness of Communism, and that it’s here right now, and is hurting our nation.

    1. WillofLa, you are absolutley right. Fear, ignorance and laziness are the main things that are holding the average American citizen from becoming a patriot. This is the time that people like us must step up and ignite a fire under our fellow Americans to get off thier backsides and take action to correct the wrongs that we have allowed to happen to our great nation.
      Fear has been a very effective weapon that the liberals have used for years. But for every weapon there is effective offense. Courage is what overcomes fear. As Americans we must show that we have courage to stand up and take our country back. If We the People kick the politicians to the curb and elect patriotic Americans to the feel those offices we can put this great nation back on the right track.

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