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More Than 700 People Died Overnight In Spain From Coronavirus

A total of 738 people in Spain have died from coronavirus-related illnesses in the past 24 hours, the largest increase in fatalities since the disease first entered the country. The number of COVID-19 deaths in Spain soared from 2,696 to 3,434 on Tuesday, according to country’s health ministry. Overall, Spain has registered a total of 47,610 people who have tested ...

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Spain to go to the Polls Again After Budget Failure

Government sources have told Spanish media outlet, El Pais, that at Friday’s cabinet meeting Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez will announce the date of Spain’s 3rd general election in four years. The decision by the Spanish leader to call for a snap election soon is a result of the defeat in the vote on the 2019 budget in parliament, after Catalan ...

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Spain Might be set for Early Election as Nationalist Right Gains Momentum

According to Spanish government sources, Spain may likely be set to go to snap elections as the Pedro Sanchez led minority leftwing government faces an uphill battle in trying to get support for its 2019 budget as his Socialist Party has to secure the support from the far left, as well as center-right Basque and Catalan separatists as well as ...

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EU joins the fight against radical Islam

EU flag

The radical Islamic terror attacks on Paris and the huge influx of Syrian refugees have many members of the European Union joining the bombing campaign against the Islamic State and another nation assisting Israel in its defense against Iran. France was pulled into the air war on ISIS in September after a series of attacks including the brutal attack on ...

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Obama Chasing Spain’s Failure

Just last year Obama was telling America how “green” energy technology was the guaranteed pathway to energy security and independence: “The future is here. We are poised to transform the ways we power our homes and our cars and our businesses”. He said America risked falling behind the rest of the world in the design, production and implementation of renewable ...

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Fundraise and Fore! obama’s Answer to World Events

Israel issued warnings over security problems with Egypt. Militants from the Sinai Peninsula crossed over into southern Israel Monday and fired on a border security fence, killing one Israeli. The IDF moved tanks and other armed forces to the Israel-Egypt border in response to the attack. Egypt is on the offensive against Israel. Egypt’s presidential election results lean towards victory ...

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Green Death

Eight regions of Spain have had their credit ratings cut as uneasy Spaniards moved their money overseas. Spooked by the questionable state of their banks, Spanish savers are now moving their money abroad faster than records have ever shown. Spain’s credit rating has been downgraded two notches and nearly 25% of Spaniards are unemployed The Spanish newspaper La Gaceta ran ...

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Greek Contagion: Run on Banks Accelerating

For weeks, Greek citizens and companies have been pulling money out of Greek banks at alarming rates as fears rise that the island nation will exit the Euro in a chaotic fashion. This week, Spanish banks are seeing record withdrawals signaling that Greece’s failing economy is having disastrous effects in other EU nations. It has been long expected that Greece would exit ...

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First stop Greece, next stop Spain

The austerity express may have already left the station in Greece but the pain train bringing massive fiscal cutbacks arrived in even greater force in Spain this past week. Unsurprisingly, austerity is just about as popular in Spain as it was in Greece – inciting violence, riots and general strikes in Barcelona and other major Spanish cities last Thursday. Protests ...

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How Many Foreign Governments are Drilling for Oil, Gas in the U.S. ?

Interior Secretary Ken Salazar says he has no idea how many foreigners are extracting American gas and oil, while answering questions at a House Committee on Natural Resources hearing held on Nov. 16, 2011. During the hearing, Rep. David Rivera (R-FL) told Salazar that his staff has asked two divisions of Salazar’s Interior Dept., the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) ...

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