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Million Dollar Buildings Owned by Elderly Taken By San Francisco City Attorney Says Anne Kihagi

The eleven-member Board of Supervisors serves as the legislative body governing both the County and City of San Francisco. By nature of their post, it is their fiduciary responsibility to ensure that the other legal cogs of the City are operating ethically. San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors, however, has neglected – whether intentionally or unintentionally – to properly police the ...

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San Francisco Is Not A Sanctuary City If You Don’t Play by Its Rules, Says Black Landlord Anne Kihagi

The assault on black landlord Anne Kihagi began because she refused to play by the unspoken rules in San Francisco, where tenants get away with almost everything and landlords dare not speak up. They should even be afraid of visiting their own buildings, as Ms. Kihagi learned when Judge Angela Bradstreet penalized her $5,000 for visiting her building’s common area ...

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Did San Francisco Judge Bradstreet Who Publicly Appealed for Impartiality Fail to Apply Same Standards in Landlord Anne Kihagi’s Case

In 2003, Judge Angela Bradstreet spoke with the L.A. Times in response to potential ethical dilemmas posed by judges’ membership in Boy Scouts of America due to the organization’s exclusion of gay men. While campaigning to amend the California Code of Judicial Ethics, she encouraged judges to recuse themselves from cases where membership in the Boy Scouts might “give an ...

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Who Should Police Over SAN Francisco City Attorney’s Questionable Ethics

The case of City of San Francisco v. Anne Kihagi calls into question ethical judicial and prosecuting practices, the latter of which often dances the line on conflict of interest issues. Attorney Karen Uchiyama, a defense lawyer in this contentious case, references a 1985 California Supreme Court ruling that clarifies the role of a public attorney, in contrast to a ...

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