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Racist S.F. City Attorneys Take $25 Million from Black Landlord ILLEGALLY!

Whenever we hear of dirty cops falsifying evidence, we ALL pay attention. Yet – when the city attorneys deliberately mislead the court, the Courts do NOT want to hear it and neither do the Bar Associations. So, who will police dirty city attorneys?

Generally – the city attorneys come armed with enormous budgets and start with reputation damage through their PR machines, hoping to distract the Truth from reaching an audience. This is strategic – by insulting the opponent, you now hear with a biased view.

When the San Francisco City Attorney sought to retaliate against black landlord, Anne Kihagi, who called them out on their misuse of the building department, they framed her as a slumlord. This made most people NOT listen to the truth and allowed the Court’s to disregard the law.

But in this case, look at ALL the pictures of this BLACK Landlord’s buildings– and see if she’s a Slumlord. The City Attorney made releases alluding to Ms. Kihagi being a slumlord, yet her buildings are better than 90% of the Condos in San Francisco. Why have we all not questioned that simple, irrational yet – intentionally biased and perverted insult. Ms. Kihagi is extremely proud of the beautiful buildings she owns and was offended by this insult – and trusts our intelligence as we can choose to see the pictures which speak louder than insults.

Normally we catch dirty cops on video, but we have to Read and Sort out the truth especially when it is being orchestrated through the legal process.

Should we NOT care when this dirty lawyering and ignorance of laws corrupts the legal system. How much pain is enough for the Courts to investigate the truth? Why has no one taken time to investigate these abuses? Ms. Kihagi is unveiling the dirtiest cover up and abuse of law with evidence. Yet – it’s all racially driven– and happening in one of the cities we consider “Forward” – so it gets less attention as we believe racial abuse only happens in the “Other” cities. Which is precisely why the City Attorneys and the Courts have failed to follow the law.

Ms. Kihagi, has been subjected to such treachery, and has vowed to be relentless until a true investigation into the more than 20 misrepresentations that were made are resolved.

We will detail over 20 violations of laws and misrepresentations – in a system that has enabled tenants to present false evidence – city attorney who knew the truth, but thought the means justified the end. This will stop – as we show you how more than $25 million has been at play and a ploy to forcibly take money from the black owner through ALL means possible.

Isn’t this another form of Slavery – the same attitude that prevailed and why slaves couldn’t own anything? It is the same reason why we are quick to believe that a BLACK LANDLORD must have done something wrong to be successful. But – we are challenging you to investigate the corruption in the City Attorney’s office and how the San Francisco Court has allowed them to get away with it.

This should be an easy challenge – let’s get past their game of tarnishing her reputation and now read the evidence of these tenants who lied to the courts with impunity. Let us look at one example that resulted in over $130,000 in penalties plus attorneys’ fees of six-times bonus for these same city attorneys.

In City of San Francisco v. Kihagi, deliberate one-sided focus on tenants’ allegations left Ms. Kihagi vulnerable, despite many questionable and even baseless accusations. In one instance, tenants were previously displaced on the basis of an owner move-in eviction (OMI). Under an owner move-in eviction in San Francisco, the property owner has the legal obligation to move into the evacuated unit for 36 months and is prohibited from offering a lease on this unit. The previous occupants found an ad on Craigslist for what they thought was the same unit they had once leased.

As a result, the City Attorney sent an investigator to an open house for this listing and found that this was not the same unit at all. The previous tenant even sent his own investigators and confirmed it was indeed a different unit. In fact, other tenants witnessed Kihagi living in the OMI-affected unit and the mob formed against Kihagi even hosted protest at her building. On Thursday, January 8, 2015, Deputy City Attorney Weiss emailed the former tenant: “Hi Kelly, we sent an investigator to the open house for the Craigslist advertised unit last night. Unfortunately, the unit being shown was Unit 3 which has no legal restrictions on it, as far as I know.” The City investigators were sent to snoop on Kihagi’s open house even though Kelly, the former tenant, already knew that it was not his unit; he had sent an email on Tuesday, January 6, stating “I’ll get a full report Wednesday once my friend gets done viewing.” Weiss and the former tenant were grasping at straws to amass valid claims against Kihagi, but they were not alone.

A separate January 8th email from Weiss to another deputy City Attorney, Victoria Weatherford, stated, “As I wrote to Kelly… our investigator reported that the unit being shown last night on 18th Street was unit 3, not Kelly’s.” This exchange reveals another member of the City Attorney’s Office was also apprised of its irrelevance.

Despite these confirmations, Mr. Weiss presented the Craigslist ad as evidence to show San Francisco Court’s Judge Bradstreet that Kihagi had not only displaced a tenant, but that the unit was being rented for a profit. Why would city attorney Weiss want the court to rely on such evidence while aware they did not stand for the proposition he was making? Why would the other deputy attorney Weatherford sit silently in court while such evidence was presented? This false testimony led to city being awarded about $130,000 in penalties and attorney fees of approximately $400,000 for an entirely nonexistent violation. This is only an example of numerous false evidences presented in this trial.

Yet – the court ignored the evidence and Ms. Kihagi now has to file an action against such practice which the courts know most people cannot afford to do. Why should anyone be subjected to such dishonest public officers?

Will you join us by taking action on this campaign?

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