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Why Miss California’s Seemingly Ignorant “Euthanasia, That’s a Vaccine Right?” Is Technically Correct

      Many Americans who watch the Miss America Pageant no doubt wonder if intelligence is still a qualification for young women entering beauty pageants. It appears as long as beauty queens are left-winged and give the desired politically correct answers leftist judges demand, beauty overcomes inglorious stupidity. I’m speaking of the the latest Miss America Pageant and the ...

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Occupy Wall Street: American Capitalism and Free Markets (Part 2 of 3)

The American economic system is the best ever devised; businesses provide commodities to satisfy a consumer’s need or want. If that business cannot satisfy the consumer or does not change, they simply go away. While our OWS protestors carry an anti-capitalist, anti-corporate theme, the greatest contributions to mankind have occurred under the very banners and some of the worst atrocities ...

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