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Spineless NFL Owner Quickly Backs Down Over Making Players Stand for National Anthem

As could have been expected, the NFL quickly moved to stifle another owner who strayed from the official unstated policy of deference to those who disrespect the country with their national anthem protests. On Monday it was reported that Miami Dolphins owner Stephen Ross had taken a bold stand by saying that every member of his team would be standing ...

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Miami Dolphins Kneelers Crap All Over America on Foreign Soil in London NFL Game

For those keeping an eye on the early overseas game this week as an indicator for whether privileged multimillionaire athletes will continue to protest the flag, the national anthem, and President Trump, the Miami Dolphins have featured the day’s first kneelers. Prior to the 9:30 ET kickoff of the NFL’s showcase game in London, three members of the Dolphins took ...

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Miami Dolphins 2017 Preview

The Miami Dolphins exceeded expectations in 2016 by making the NFL playoffs for the first time in eight years and were hoping to take another step forward this year. The wild card berth is about the best that any team in the AFC East can hope for given the New England Patriots dynasty’s nearly two-decade run of divisional dominance. Then ...

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More Racism Where There Is None

Well, here we go again, Liberals fall back on the only argument that they seem to have in their arsenal. In this country when a black person doesn’t get what they want or things don’t go their way – it must be racism. The Miami Dolphins took some heat over the weekend after they announced they were signing 34-year-old Jay ...

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Suck It Kaepernick! Miami Dolphins Lure Jay Cutler Out of Retirement

The Miami Dolphins moved quickly to address their quarterback problems when they signed former Chicago Bear Jay Culter to replace their injured starter Ryan Tannehill. Cutler signed a one-year deal for $10 million and put off his new gig as a Fox Sports analyst to snap up the job and another big paycheck in the NFL before hanging it up ...

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Castro-Loving Kaepernick to Miami? Calls Begin After Dolphins Starter Gets Injured

No sooner had the window on the Colin Kaepernick to Baltimore deal closed, another one quickly opened. Miami Dolphins starter Ryan Tannehill suffered an injury on Thursday during training camp drills and it could be a bad one. Tannehill was leading the Dolphins to the playoffs last year when he injured his knee and he was expected to have been ...

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The Feminization of The National Football League

Only in the 2013 version of today’s NFL can a 6’5 300 pound grown man be considered a victim of bullying. What Richie Incognito did was certainly not appropriate but it was also ridiculous of the league to suspend him. Using the N-word and jokingly threatening a player’s mother is definitely in bad taste but does it warrant removing a ...

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