Miami Dolphins Kneelers Crap All Over America on Foreign Soil in London NFL Game

For those keeping an eye on the early overseas game this week as an indicator for whether privileged multimillionaire athletes will continue to protest the flag, the national anthem, and President Trump, the Miami Dolphins have featured the day’s first kneelers.

Prior to the 9:30 ET kickoff of the NFL’s showcase game in London, three members of the Dolphins took the knee during the Star-Spangled Banner although all stood for a rousing rendition of “God Save the Queen”, an interesting contradiction in light of the British Empire’s history of unbearable cruelty toward blacks in the colonial era.

Via The Hill “Miami Dolphins players take a knee during national anthem”:

At least three Miami Dolphins players took a knee during the playing of the national anthem Sunday as protests before NFL games stretch into a second week following President Trump’s attacks on players who kneel.

Photos posted to Twitter show members of the Dolphins kneeling together as the anthem played before their game against the New Orleans Saints.

Demonstrations continued for a second week following Trump’s repeated criticism of players who kneel rather than stand during the anthem.

Kaepernick disciples Kenny Stills, Julius Thomas and Michael Thomas all chose to engage in the disgraceful practice while on foreign soil.

It is a stupid gesture by three ingrates who fail to understand that it is the oppressive white country that they are thumbing their noses at that made it possible for them to become wealthy beyond their wildest dreams for playing a game.

What would these three clowns be pulling down per week had they been born in England instead of the U.S.A. and had to actually work for a living?

The Dolphins opponents, the New Orleans Saints ALL took a knee before the national anthem in what should be viewed as a team effort in talking a dump all over America. Whether or not it was during the song is beside the point, it was a selfish and cowardly display while on the job in another country.

The western world is fortunate that those brave Americans who fought a war to save England from becoming a German territory didn’t have “courage” like this and all of the Brits who cheered them should be the ones on their knees instead thanking God for the troops who battled the Nazis and spared them from subjugation.

The founding fathers fought a war of independence against the British Empire to pry this country loose from the clutches of the tyranny of royalty. Not that one expects celebrity professional athletes to be well-versed in such vagaries as American and world history, they are in college on athletic scholarships.

Both the Saints and Dolphins are continuing in the footsteps of the Baltimore Ravens and Jacksonville Jaguars who also chose to throw their tantrums overseas.

There will be more protests in the later games that are actually on U.S. soil but thanks to the Dolphins, millions will choose to find better things to do with their day than getting a lecture from pampered prima donnas that don’t know how good that they have it.


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