Castro-Loving Kaepernick to Miami? Calls Begin After Dolphins Starter Gets Injured

No sooner had the window on the Colin Kaepernick to Baltimore deal closed, another one quickly opened.

Miami Dolphins starter Ryan Tannehill suffered an injury on Thursday during training camp drills and it could be a bad one. Tannehill was leading the Dolphins to the playoffs last year when he injured his knee and he was expected to have been fully recovered in time for the 2017 NFL season.

While details are sketchy at this point one thing isn’t, fans of  Kaepernick are already crawling out of the woodwork to make the case that their boy belongs in Miami.

According to CBS Sports “Ryan Tannehill injured in Dolphins camp, people already want Colin Kaepernick”:

Dolphins quarterback Ryan Tannehill left Thursday’s training camp practice with what appears to be an injury to his left leg. Tannehill suffered the injury on a non-contact play while scrambling out of the pocket.

The Dolphins are pinning their hopes on Tannehill in 2017, so this obviously isn’t great news. The Dolphins lost Tannehill late last year against the Cardinals in what was originally believed to be a serious knee injury but did not require surgery and instead chose to wear a brace on the knee. Yes, the left knee, the same one that the Dolphins quarterback apparently injured in training camp on Thursday.

Naturally, people immediately began clamoring for Colin Kaepernick.

What advocates of the oppressed millionaire America-hater seem to be forgetting is that last year during a San Francisco 49ers road game, Kaepernick sang the praises of the hated Cuban dictator Fidel Castro during a press conference.

Fighting words in Miami.

Ironically, the bearded despot kicked the bucket shortly after being praised by the fully radioactive militant but that doesn’t mean that all will be forgiven in Little Havana and the greater Miami area when it comes to Castro.

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