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The latest news coverage, opinion and analysis about Donald Trump, the 45th President of the United States of America.

President Trump’s Schedule Sunday, February 5th, 2017

Donald Trump speech

President Trump continues his weekend away from the White House in Palm Beach, Florida with an interview on Fox News, separate phone calls to NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and New Zealand Prime Minister Bill English late in the afternoon before watching the Super Bowl at the Trump International Golf Club. Interview with @oreillyfactor on Fox Network – 4:00 P.M. (prior ...

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President Trump Speaks at 60th Annual Red Cross Gala

Donald Trump speech

President Donald Trump was expected to give a speech at the 60th annual Red Cross Gala in Palm Beach, Florida which was to be broadcast by the White House Press Office via stream. At the last moment, the WHPO made the stream private, but Trump did make an appearance and if video is released, we will have it. President Trump and the ...

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Why You Should Prep Under President Trump

continue to prep featured

If you’re a prepper, you probably started to relax once Donald Trump won the election last fall. You probably thought that things are ok now, and that you don’t have to worry about safety anymore. There have been rumors about people quitting to prep as a result of Republicans winning, but is this a smart idea? As someone who’s been ...

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President Trump’s Schedule Friday, 02-03-2017

Donald Trump success

This is a combination of information from the poll reports and White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer’s briefing to the press on Thursday. The President’s Schedule for Friday, February 3rd, 2017 Morning:  9 am: President receives daily intelligence briefing – Oval Office 9:30 am: President will tape his weekly address – Library 10 am: President will host a strategic and policy forum ...

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President Trump’s Schedule Thursday, 02-02-2017

President Donald Trump will start off Thursday joining the National Prayer Breakfast before taking a meeting with his Chief of Staff. Mid-morning, the President will host a legislative strategy session before hosting several members of Congress in the Roosevelt Room. President Trump’s afternoon is conspicuously empty with only a 1 pm lunch with Harley-Davidsons executives on the schedule. That usually ...

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Hey Mainstream Media!!There is No Trump Muslim Ban!!!

        When Obama was president the media fawned over him like a love sick school girl’s crush on a football player.  Chris Mathews said he had tingles up and down his leg at the mere thought of Obama. I noticed that what he said was different than what he did so every time Obama said something I thought the opposite ...

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Attacks by “Tolerant”, “Inclusive”, “Peaceful” Leftists Increasing Against Conservatives

ATTACKS BY “TOLERANT”, “INCLUSIVE”, “PEACEFUL” LEFTISTS ON CONSERVATIVES ARE INCREASING My long time contention that the left is the side of intolerance, hate, and violence that they accuse me of is being proven in ever increasing incidents. Along with the violence, rioting, and looting immediately following the election of Donald Trump over the communist traitor hillary clinton we now see ...

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Trump tells McConnell ‘Go Nuclear’ for Gorsuch


In a media event Tuesday night, Donald Trump told America that he had chosen Judge Neil Gorsuch as his Supreme Court nominee – this morning he told Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell to “go nuclear” to get him confirmed. “Yes, if we end up with the same gridlock we’ve had in Washington for longer than eight years,” Trump said during ...

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Neil Gorsuch: Trump’s Supreme Court Nominee!!!

Donald Trump continues to move along at lightning speed keeping all of his promises and the liberal mainstream press are besides   themselves.  They can’t keep up with him and are not used to someone like him. Trump’s latest pick is his supreme court nominee Neil Gorsuch. Trump introduced Gorsuch very honorably and classy with little mention of himself like Obama, ...

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Ted Cruz: Gorsuch is a ‘home run’ SCOTUS pick

Ted Cruz looking forward to Donald Trump administration

Fox News’ Tucker Carlson talks with Ted Cruz to understand why Judge Gorsuch is the Justice Donald Trump promised to the American people during his campaign. Gorsuch is a 100% conservative pick where President Trump has absolutely lived up to this campaign promise. Now, it’s up to democrats to understand the mandate or fight it and lose again in 2018.

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President Trump’s Schedule Wednesday, 02-01-2017

Donald Trump speech

President Donald Trump has fewer events on his schedule than in past days, but they appear more intense and will likely require more of his time. The President will start his day with the daily briefing before hosting a listening session in the Roosevelt Room about African American history month. POTUS will finish the morning with a meeting with groups ...

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WATCH: Trump Chooses Gorsuch for Supreme Court Nominee

Trump announces supreme court justice

President Donald Trump reveals his choice for the Supreme Court justice that will replace Justice Antonin Scalia. Justice Neil Gorsuch makes an impassioned, and at times humorous, acceptance speech including a hat tip to the Senate as “the most deliberative body” in the land. Gorsuch is a 49-year-old Coloradan that graduated from Columbia before obtaining his law degree from Harvard. ...

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Trump-Hate Is Putting Democrats In A Disastrous Political Position Going Forward

Donald Trump Executive Order

In his book “The Unheavenly City” Edward Banfield concluded that the reason criminals commit crimes, and all too often, continue to commit crimes repeatedly, is that those individuals are unable to foresee the punishment that awaits them following the commission of the crime; they are unable help themselves and apply critical thinking when tempted, they just go with the flow. ...

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