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Why President Trump Will Win in 2020 and Beyond

For as many years as I have been alive, my families have always been Democrats. However, during a recent family gathering, they began asking me why I had left the Democrat Party. Believe it or not, they were truly interested and treated me with respect instead of the typical disdain toward less moral beings.

Recognizing they had put their emotions outside of our conversation, it was such a pleasurable experience to speak intelligently with family members that had shunned me for many years. It was exciting to see them fall apart when questions were presented, they couldn’t answer.

Now, I am not talking about brain science questions, just common everyday concerns that most Moms and Dads would want to understand. It was obvious they had all experienced a total memory loss during the Obama-Biden years. We all worked hard to become American citizens, but Obama-Biden wrongfully apologized for being a part of the greatest Nation in world history.

Next, we discussed the reality of Democrats moving forward with their hidden agendas to love illegals, forsaking citizens, and trying to exterminate people of color. After connecting the dots in agreement, I knew we had just scored a home run.

It’s an amazing thing to watch the lights come on inside of another’s brain, but it happened. Of course, the delayed smile is also priceless. I was so proud to see my family members treating me with respect, for a change.

Then I challenged them to consider what the Democrat Party wants to accomplish. It was a hilarious experience to see many twisting in their chairs trying to come up with a positive take. Unfortunately, they couldn’t agree on anything being positive.

Of course, it’s easy to explain what the Democrats stand for… a Godless society, extermination of people of color, welcoming every scum bag known throughout the world, make the wealthy poor, bury everyone with regulations, eliminate business enterprises, eliminate transportation, eliminate farming and ranching, making sure the world ends quickly, confiscate weapons, eliminate 1st amendment rights, eliminate the electoral college, promote mob rule, and allow us to become another failed socialist country.

When many of the family members were awaken with the realities, they finally understood the people Democrats are welcoming into America are the same people fleeing countries like what the Democrats want. How stupid is that?

So, while President Trump is focused upon “we the citizens,” Democrats are focused upon harming citizens and honoring illegals. That’s why President Trump will not only win in 2020 but will have established such an appropriate and just platform for more and more Americans to understand and join in support of that platform.

Let’s face it, for many unsure of where President Trump was heading, it’s now becoming clearer. A good thing is contagious, and President Trump has it. We are only now seeing US Citizens – especially people of color, exiting the Democrat’s plantations. We are tired of the same old “shut up, take it, and here’s your government check” attitude prevalent in the Democrat talking points.

Today, people of color are wanting to be bankers, lawyers, doctors, dentists, teachers, mechanics, electricians, plumbers, miners, engineers, drillers, welders, and other positions the Democrats want to abolish. Besides, when I became of age, I was told we needed to vote Democrat because they took care of poor people.

Well, I don’t want to be a member of the Poor Party, I want to be a member of the Wealthy Party and President Trump has now opened that door to all – not just a few. When President Trump leaves office, I will predict no one will dare to return to the Democrat Party hate ‘God and American Citizen’ platform.

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Amanda Alverez

God, Family, Career, then everything else; Pro-American, neither Republican or Democrat; Focused upon Truth, Justice, and the American Way of Life

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