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Impeachment Is a Bridge Too Far – Why Would the Democrats Risk It?

In WWII the Allies came up with a bold plan to shorten the war by using paratrooper to seize bridges crossing the Rhine River. They dubbed the plan Operation Market Garden. Sadly, they miscalculated and the paratroopers who seized the last bridge couldn’t hold out until reinforcements arrived. Operation Market Garden failed. Of the 10,000 airborne troops dropped behind German ...

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Are Politicians Just Inherently Crooked?

Many believe there must be ‘some amount of good’ in Congressional party leadership. Well, if we rely on the facts or actions – not what they say, it’s arguable. Let’s be fair and report we are finally seeing some positive movements towards Patriotism in the Republican Party. However, don’t we have to admit those changes are the results of the ...

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Are Democrats Really That Stupid?

Wherever we look, there is failure upon failure where Democrats are in control. Why are they the only people that can’t see it? Can their vision only see their power, greed, and corruption as a good thing and not the devastation in their paths? Likewise, when we research the Presidential campaign, it’s so easy to recognize their ‘real’ plan to ...

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Democrats Begging for More Members in their Exclusive Liar’s Club

If anyone thinks the ‘Trump Deranged Syndrome’ is a bogus mental condition, how is it possible to justify those lining up to join the Democrat’s ‘Liar Club?’ Only months ago, one would have never wanted to be branded as a habitual liar, but today’s Democrats wear their membership as a badge of honor. Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have just ...

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Should We Allow Democrats to Promote & Profit from Child Sex Trafficking?

Does anyone know why the Democrat Party has chosen to make war against Children? It’s even more confusing when you consider their demand for Black votes while destroying millions of Black children, right? If anyone doesn’t support Child Sex Trafficking, wouldn’t they emote opposition? Is doing or saying nothing to eradicate Child Sex Trafficking the same as approval? Isn’t that ...

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Hollywood’s Trump Derangement Syndrome is Off the Charts – the Return of the Queen – Mini AOC, She’s Baaaaaack!

(True Conservative Pundit) News that Nancy Pelosi initiated a formal impeachment inquiry was to Hollywood libs like being invited to the ultimate drug and alcohol-fueled party where everything is free.  Liberals everywhere are beside themselves with rapturous joy at the thought of President Trump being impeached. “We are dressed and ready for the #ImpeachmentParty. What are you wearing?” We are ...

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Why Is America Allowing Democrat Insanity?

Please choose any Democrat leader or leaders and ask yourself how you think they feel about America. Is America truly a ‘basket of deplorables’ as was so stated by Hillary Clinton? Why do Democrats look down their noses at America? What has America ever done to Democrats that deserve their total disdain? Quickly run through your mental database of America’s ...

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House Democrats Reach Major Milestone In Impeachment Push

More than half of the members of the House of Representatives support an inquiry into whether to impeachment President Donald Trump, after Democratic Kansas Rep. Sharice Davids announced her support Wednesday. Politico and The Washington Post, which have tracked which lawmakers support impeachment, reported that Davids is the 218th House member to back an inquiry. According to their tally, 217 ...

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Have You Noticed Nancy Pelosi’s Lips Are Moving Again?

   A statement about Democrats has been running around Capital Hill for more years than I have been around. It’s “If you notice a Democrat’s lips moving, it’ll just be another lie!” Well, we can’t paint that picture with such a broad brush because there may still be a few ethical Democrats left in Congress. However, we all know Nancy ...

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Dems Say, “Want to Destroy Something… Anything?”

   If Democrats would be honest, wouldn’t they now declare themselves to be the ‘Party of Destruction?’ How about the ‘Party of Hate Everything?’  Like any ‘good’ terrorist, isn’t destruction and hate their only mantra? Ever notice when Democrats are questioned about their lies, they lose their minds and their heads explode? Then to prove their terrorist tendencies, they burn ...

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Do Democrats Want More TD’s or TO’s?

Imagine for a moment being an avid Patriot football team supporter. Place yourself in the stadium during a critical game. The clock is quickly ticking down and the score is tied. The game suddenly becomes more intense after watching their quarterback toss a pass at the tight end, the ball bounces off the receiver’s helmet, and the opposing team catches ...

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Democrats Pass Resolution Opposing Christianity and Exalting Atheism

Democrats have passed a resolution in which they have framed religious liberty as a risk to civil rights. The Democratic National Committee unanimously passed this resolution in a meeting in San Francisco on Aug. 24. The Secular Coalition of America spearheaded this act which represents atheists, agnostics, and humanists and assists these groups in regards to policies. The values embraced ...

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Democrats + Media = Socialist Domestic Terrorists?

   Socialists, Communists, terrorists, and tyrants live by no recognized set of ‘higher’ rules or laws. Instead, they live by ‘ever-changing’ man-made regulations designed by and for the self-aggrandizement of the elites at the top of their food chain. In other words, their decrees from last week could become illegal next week in order to force people into labor camps ...

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