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When Male/Female Difference Deniers Think They Can Detect Global Warming, We’re In Trouble

Isn’t it strange how the most corrupt and stupid people can rise to the highest levels of absolute power in government? Most of these people could never achieve power in private industry because for-profit organizations require hard work and positive results, which are rarely achieved in government work. Rather, government represents the lies, adoration and blind followers needed to keep elected bureaucrats in perpetual power in our nation’s capitol.

One of the most obvious and profound things in life is the physical difference between males and females, but the insane leftists in the Democrat party can’t see these differences and are ruining the lives and futures of competitive young women by pitting stronger and faster men against them. After years of dedicated training on the part of the women and their intended competition against other women, too often these hard-working and dedicated women are handily defeated by female-identifying men. These women’s competitions were definitively not intended for men, confused in their identification as women or not, who are winning all competitions that were established to be female-only events.

And these same idiot leftists who think it’s acceptable to run male-female challenges in which men nearly always win the competition, thereby destroying the futures and careers of the women, are the same leftist fools who think they can detect dangerous and even life- ending increases in temperature around earth. They think they can predict that in 12 years, (not 13 years and not 11 years, but 12 years exactly, but they can’t tell us the month of that 12th year when the overheating will end life on earth) as AOC and Bernie Sanders predicted in 2018, when the earth will become so hot that life will end as we currently know it.

But Bernie and AOC forgot to remind us that summers in America have attained essentially same top temperature each of the last four years since these fool Socialists made their prediction of a heat catastrophe. With no temperature increase in the four years since these far-left people made their idiotic prediction, it’s going to be hard for them to produce temperatures that are in the hundreds of degrees, which will be necessary to kill humans, destroy all crops and end life on the planet.

Similarly, the same people who violently criticized Donald Trump when he brought jobs back to America, when he reformed the Veteran‘s Administration, when he lowered taxes on the middle class, when he halted illegal immigrants from invading America, these same demented leftists who stated that they had seen the evidence against Trump for colluding with Russia (which was proven by the special council to have been a complete lie), can’t praise Biden enough when crime increases across the nation, when we experience sky-rocketing inflation, when we have hundreds of thousands of Americans dead from covid, when he’s left hundreds of Americans stranded in Afghanistan during his disastrous retreat from that ill-begotten nation, when we see a literal invasion of our nation by millions of illegals allowed to wander in with Joey’s permission, and for ignoring the Hunter Biden scandal and corruption that has proven to be a pay-to-play operation in which China buys influence with the executive branch of America’s government in exchange for the Chinese government giving Hunter, and papa Joey, millions of dollars for doing nothing but disobey the president’s oath of office to protect and defend the constitution.

How can the American left ever be trusted to treat all persons equally, with respect and further the economic success of the lives of American citizens, when we know Democrats to be liars and racists at heart?

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Dave King

Retired AT&T supervisor.

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