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Social Security Administration Tells Public Sector Union It Has Three Weeks To Move Out Of Federal Office Space

The Social Security Administration (SSA) has given the American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) about three weeks to turn in all government issued equipment and vacate the government offices the union is currently using, Federal News Radio reports.

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Union Sues Trump For Telling Fed Workers To Stop Doing So Much Union Business On Taxpayers’ Dime


  by Tim Pearce A federal workers union sued President Donald Trump Wednesday over an executive order limiting the amount of time federal workers can spend conducting union business on official time, Bloomberg reported. Trump signed the order on May 25 with several others prohibiting federal workers from collecting pay for time spent lobbying the government, charging rent to union workers using ...

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Trump, Vets Praise Passage of VA Mission Act, Union Continues to Grumble

Donald Trump Veterans Affairs TeleHealth Event 8-3-17

The Senate passed the VA Mission Act of 2018 on Wednesday which provides additional funding to the Department of Veterans Affairs and makes several changes allowing Veterans more access to care. While the president and veterans praise this important step to improving healthcare for vets, labor unions aren’t as happy. The American Federation of Government Employees (AFGE) union again voiced ...

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Veterans applaud house passage of VA Mission Act; Unions … not so much

Donald Trump Vietnam 11-10-17 veterans event

The White House and veterans groups celebrated the passage of the VA Mission Act through the House of Representative, but a government employee unions spoke out against the vote. “On behalf of Paralyzed Veterans of America members—veterans with spinal cord injury or disease—their families, and caregivers, we applaud the House of Representatives for its passage today of the VA MISSION ...

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President Trump Freezes Federal Hiring in Bid to Shrink Government

President Donald Trump signed an executive order Monday freezing all hiring by federal agencies with the exception of  the military. The executive order lines up with promises that Trump made on policies he would persue in his first 100 days. The federal government employees union objected almost immediately. “President Trump’s action will disrupt government programs and services that benefit everyone ...

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